To begin with, a few words about what is real awareness, what is ego, and what is self-determination through social roles, as well as practising professions or well-being.

Ego is a psychosomatic representation of you – who you are. The mere fact of naming yourself in any way already calls into question the truth of this claim, because if someone is able to say who is a plumber, for example – then he must exist at a higher level to realize it case.
Ego is a psychosomatic construct, that is, it exists on both the mental and body levels.
Mentally, each of us has stories about himself – so he is a father, mother, is a girl, man, boss, teacher, man, he is sick, healthy, happy, sad, submissive. You are a nerve, lover, driver etc.
The ego is based on the statement of Descartes: “I think so I am.” These words assume existence as an effect of thinking.

Self: -“One’s own nature, one’s personality”.

Portrait: “A picture of a person; a description in words ”.

Identity: “Who or what someone or something is about”

.Alter Ego: “Other Self”.

Selfie: “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media site”.

Task 1.

•Make a list of TEN statements about yourself.

These should cover everything from personality characteristics to preferred clothing, interests, recognisable features such as hair and eye colour, fundamental beliefs, interests etc. •

Then make a second list of opposing or contrasting statements in response to each on the first list

My list
1. I am a creature living on earth
2. I am the queen of my home
3. I’m a businesswoman
4. I’m a woman
5. I am a student
6. I am a brunette
7. I am a believer
8. I am love
9. I am a citizen
10.I am human

my anti-list
1. I am an alien
2. I am homeless
3.I am bohemia
4. I’m a man
5.I am a worker
6. I am a blond
7. I am an atheist
8. I am evil
9.I am an anarchist
10. I’m Boris Jonson

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