2023 October
ART718 / 27.10.2023

. From John Dewey's point of view, education is a process of continuous learning and adaptation. Everything on the table, such as tableware, cutlery, and fabrics, can serve as educational tools, shaping our culinary experiences and influencing our eating habits. By interacting with them, we learn various aspects of food - from cultural norms related to food to aesthetic and sensory values In his theory of habitus, Pierre Bourdieu points to the role that material objects play in shaping our social practices. Once again, the table and what is on it play a key role in shaping our eating habits, often at...

ART718 / 04.10.2023

We went to see the exhibition “De’ Visi Mostruosi e Caricature. From Leonardo da Vinci to Bacon”, in the splendid location of Palazzo Loredan (hosting Fondazione Ligabue). The exhibition puts together portraits of deformed faces, caricatures, and misshaped visions of faces, in an itinerary going through 75 artworks from museums and private European collections. In between the pieces, a remarkable collection of exactly 18 drawings by Leonardo stands out, as it is the very first time they are displayed in Italy.These artworks convey a particular fascination that Leonardo had for the grotesque, not only conceived as an exaggeration but as what is...