2023 May
Uncategorized / 08.05.2023

My present project aims to encourage people to break their eating habits and barriers and introduce edible wild plants into their personal diet. Throughout this semester, my primary focus has been on engaging with various individuals with distinct relationships to food. This includes professional food critics, individuals with dietary restrictions or food selectivity, and those who have altered their dietary habits due to myriad reasons. I have also concentrated on examining academic research and statistical data concerning shifts in dietary practices across diverse demographic groups, delineated by age, culture, health status, and economic standing. In an educational setting, I conducted a preliminary...

ART 723 / 02.05.2023

Here is first set of knowledge cards that celebrate the flavours and healing properties of spring herbs, accompanied by my photographs and recipes for delightful dishes, drinks, and cordials. This project is inspired by minimalism, the Japanese concept of Satoyama, and the importance of eating locally. As the days grow longer and the earth begins to awaken from its winter slumber, an array of vibrant, flavorful herbs spring forth, offering us a treasure trove of culinary and medicinal possibilities. I've always been passionate about uncovering the hidden gems of the plant world and embracing a lifestyle that respects and connects with...