creating music video – basics-ARD-416

creating music video – basics-ARD-416

1. Start with a song- from his thorough analysis – what was the inspiration for creating the song, what values does it convey, what was its purpose, what changes should it cause and what emotions does it evoke? Such analysis is the best starting point for the preparation of material that perfectly illustrates your vision, maintains the atmosphere of the song and will represent your personality.

2. How to make the music video interesting? Record a good movie- use storytelling. Tell a story full of emotions, shocking, funny, poignant – just like the song is. Tell the picture, sound, and lyrics of the song. Stories that move emotions, show human desires, weaknesses, but also triumph, happiness or freedom are remembered, inspire, encourage reflection

3. Prepare the scenario-It is worth taking the time to analyze the song and prepare a concept based on it, choose a location, create scenes that will build a specific atmosphere necessary to convey the character of the song. Why is this so important? Careful planning of the entire video clip will not only create a coherent project – but it will also give you more opportunities to come across a truly unique and unconventional idea! Planning work in time, without the pressure to invent action on a regular basis – often based on what is known – is a step closer to success.

4. Check what has already been done- And do something completely different. Take the creativity of industry colleagues as inspiration to create new things. It’s a way to create a music video that is also consistent with what is salable but also brings something that the recipient has not seen yet.

5. Unconventionality!- creativity, controversy and experimenting. be brave. Combine various techniques in the video clip – animation, with acting, put on contrasts, use unexpected twists, but all this, according to the nature of the song. Trust your experience, rate how much you can afford and intrigue!

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