ART-723-Interview with Michał and Pamela

ART-723-Interview with Michał and Pamela

Michał and Pamela are a young married couple who have a very good economic situation. They are very active professionally, they have no children. They are a couple very close to me. Michał is my nephew. It is a very interesting choice for this interview because I have known Michał since he was born, I know perfectly well the habits and eating habits of his family in which he grew up. Despite the openness of his parents to new flavors and attention to the quality and variety of food in his family home, Michał was a child, teenager, and young man very close to the variety of products. His food was limited to the few foods that could be included in his daily diet, despite the availability and variety of foods and products at home. Living with his partner and their travels together changed some of Michał’s behavior, and made him open to trying new flavors. He even made attempts to recreate the flavors of dishes at home that he liked somewhere. They willingly go out to various restaurants, where Michał tries new things. In the conversation, they both tell how this road looked like

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00:00:00:56 00:00:05:60
Okay, listen, a few words of
explanation about what’s going on.

00:00:05:80 00:00:10:92
My master’s thesis is a
search for tools on how to

00:00:10:92 00:00:16:14
change of a certain kind……..
Not so – encourage to cross certain

00:00:16:16 00:00:20:82
habits that we have brought
from home, learned, etc.

00:00:20:84 00:00:27:80
We focus, we focus on
food and it is based on

00:00:27:80 00:00:33:14
philosopher of man, such a Frenchman,
whose name is Pierre Bourdieu.

00:00:33:16 00:00:35:58
And he, in all these considerations

00:00:35:60 00:00:38:86
has just assumed that people are
assigned by the so-called “people.

00:00:38:88 00:00:43:34
habitus to certain social groups,
their behavior, eating habits

00:00:43:36 00:00:49:88
also.I decided to see if it
was possible through a kind of

00:00:49:88 00:00:56:00
Artistic incentives, some food-related
activities, encourage people to

00:00:56:00 00:00:59:36
to cross this kind of boundary resulting

00:00:59:36 00:01:03:26
precisely from what we
have brought from home.

00:01:03:28 00:01:07:98
Therefore, I will have to ask
questions about social status.

00:01:08:00 00:01:09:34
Who were the parents?

00:01:09:36 00:01:11:90
Economic condition I am not
talking about the list from

00:01:11:92 00:01:18:10
Account, only about who your
parents were. Therefore

00:01:18:12 00:01:20:82
We’ll start by taking
it one step at a time

00:01:20:84 00:01:25:18
had to introduce themselves, say
how old you are, what kind of

00:01:25:20 00:01:32:38
education and from what families
or what kind of families you have.

00:01:32:40 00:01:35:14
Who were your parents and grandparents.

00:01:35:16 00:01:37:16
And then we’ll move on to questions about

00:01:37:16 00:01:41:85
Food choices, blockages, where
the limit is, and so on.

00:01:41:88 00:01:44:20

00:01:44:40 00:01:45:92
But all grandparents

00:01:45:92 00:01:50:60
started not to go, it will go
generally whether they were

00:01:50:80 00:01:53:49
laborers or were white-collar workers.

00:01:53:52 00:01:55:60
That’s more the point here.

00:01:55:80 00:01:57:82
This social status interests us.

00:01:57:84 00:02:00:82
This reform will very probably last.

00:02:00:84 00:02:02:62
I did not prepare.

00:02:02:64 00:02:04:10
You know, well because it’s like that,

00:02:04:12 00:02:06:74
it’s such a spontaneous thing,
because I say well, I talked to the

00:02:06:76 00:02:10:89
man, so you know, I had a painted maw,
in this connection I already say no

00:02:10:92 00:02:12:40
I’ll be getting a fresh coat of paint

00:02:12:40 00:02:13:38
tomorrow or the day
after tomorrow, because.

00:02:13:40 00:02:15:88
Because I’m sitting at home as this hen of

00:02:15:88 00:02:19:61
the house with beak and claws,
so I bury myself at home in the

00:02:19:64 00:02:23:86
this moment, this week, and you
don’t really give me anything.

00:02:23:88 00:02:26:10
It will be very good, so.

00:02:26:12 00:02:28:10
So here goes.

00:02:28:12 00:02:30:61
Say let’s get started, shall we?

00:02:30:64 00:02:35:30
Well, now it’s being recorded for us,
so at most we’ll cut out the bad stuff.

00:02:35:32 00:02:36:54
Pamela you will be starting.

00:02:36:56 00:02:39:61
Well, tell a few words about
yourself, Introduce yourself.

00:02:39:64 00:02:44:36
How old are you? What family are you from?

00:02:45:80 00:02:47:90
My name is Pamela Golanska.

00:02:47:92 00:02:51:34
I am 25 years old.

00:02:51:36 00:02:54:60
I have a university education,

00:02:54:80 00:02:58:20
completed first degree and
started second degree.

00:02:58:40 00:03:01:72
I come from a family…….

00:03:04:64 00:03:06:82
Workers?intelligentsia? What

00:03:06:84 00:03:12:38
did your parents take care of?

00:03:12:40 00:03:14:72
Whether your parents worked physically or

00:03:14:72 00:03:17:50
mentally, they worked in
an office for example.

00:03:17:52 00:03:21:78
Are they doctors for example?
no no it’s physical. OK.

00:03:21:80 00:03:27:94
And tell me a tell me dear, what kind of
eating habits prevailed in your house?

00:03:27:96 00:03:29:86
Did you eat together?

00:03:29:88 00:03:31:42
Did everyone eat separately?

00:03:31:44 00:03:34:30
Is it once a week, for example?

00:03:34:32 00:03:36:46
Was there a table, or
what did it look like?

00:03:36:48 00:03:39:18
What were the habits? Varying.

00:03:39:20 00:03:42:26
Depending on the mode of
operation of the parents.

00:03:42:28 00:03:44:14
And that’s how they were at work.
Because they had such shift work.Also

00:03:44:16 00:03:47:14
When we were successful, we ate together.

00:03:47:16 00:03:48:90
But it was also the case that
I, for example, ate alone,

00:03:48:92 00:03:54:10
With mom , or with dad .Depending on the
day, but rather we tried to eat together

00:03:54:12 00:03:58:61
meals. And it was rather always at home,

00:03:58:64 00:04:03:82
Prepared by mom with good
ingredients and healthy. Not

00:04:03:84 00:04:10:10
It never happened that it was food
ordered somewhere in the city.

00:04:10:12 00:04:15:58
And the moment you took up
your adult life and yourself

00:04:15:60 00:04:19:94
You decided everything at the
beginning of this your adult and

00:04:19:96 00:04:25:10
professional life, about choices,
places where you ate. Was it home,

00:04:25:12 00:04:29:86
And when you ate outside, we
went out to eat somewhere,

00:04:29:88 00:04:32:54
then what decided this election?

00:04:32:56 00:04:39:42
Cash, referrals from friends or any
smells that came from the street.

00:04:39:44 00:04:43:90
More so, I think, the availability of
places, because at the time I started

00:04:43:92 00:04:48:10
go out to pubs, eating out, that is, I
have to say already, they were already

00:04:48:12 00:04:52:90
such times that I was a
teenager, it was limiting,

00:04:52:92 00:04:54:68
We were also definitely limited by the

00:04:54:68 00:04:56:86
number of places where
we could eat our meals.

00:04:56:88 00:05:03:66
Yes, most often, however, it was fast food
and some kind of restaurant in those days.

00:05:03:68 00:05:04:74
I remember it badly.

00:05:04:76 00:05:09:22
There were no such interesting places
that a young person wanted to go.

00:05:09:24 00:05:12:54
And have you had any reluctance to
try food you are not familiar with?

00:05:12:56 00:05:14:98
Or, for example, with
a strange taste,color,

00:05:15:00 00:05:19:76
or such controversial
origin,such as for example

00:05:19:76 00:05:26:30
In France, frog legs, something that,which
is not part of Polish culture. Never,

00:05:26:32 00:05:27:18
On the contrary.

00:05:27:20 00:05:31:56
The weirder, the more I want.
That is, you are very open to

00:05:31:56 00:05:36:54
trying and here you are not
limited, Do you have any barrier?

00:05:36:56 00:05:39:42
Maybe? Do you know for sure
that you won’t eat something?

00:05:39:44 00:05:42:34
Tripe and offal.

00:05:42:36 00:05:44:42
Here’s the thing.

00:05:44:44 00:05:47:74
That’s how I can’t think of
anything else. Tripe and offal.

00:05:47:76 00:05:49:86
And you know, there are such places.

00:05:49:88 00:05:52:46
Quite recently I also learned about it.

00:05:52:48 00:05:54:72
There are places where you can find

00:05:54:72 00:05:58:28
yourself traveling around the
world, where, for example

00:05:58:28 00:06:02:10
something natural is to eat dogs and cats.

00:06:02:12 00:06:04:00
And it doesn’t. This is already some kind

00:06:04:00 00:06:07:20
of abstraction.This is no longer
even thought of in terms of food.

00:06:07:40 00:06:10:78
This would not even occur to me.No, no.

00:06:10:80 00:06:18:42
And also rabbits. I won’t eat rabbit
either. Small cute animals I don’t eat.

00:06:18:44 00:06:22:10
And tell me, how long?

00:06:22:12 00:06:23:64
How long have you been

00:06:23:64 00:06:25:54
you are in such an adult life, when

00:06:25:56 00:06:30:54
Do you decide this yourself? Where
and how and what do you buy to eat?

00:06:30:56 00:06:32:30
This is how many? 6 years?

00:06:32:32 00:06:33:52
7 ? Yes no

00:06:33:52 00:06:35:70
6 years since we lived
together. That is, 6 years.

00:06:35:72 00:06:42:30
And what has changed in your perception
of food over these six years?

00:06:42:32 00:06:43:82
How often do you cook for yourself?

00:06:43:84 00:06:48:18
How often do you go out to eat somewhere?

00:06:48:20 00:06:50:80
Most often, however, we eat

00:06:50:80 00:06:56:54
You order food from different restaurants
because of your lifestyle and work.

00:06:56:56 00:06:59:40
It’s just faster for us
to embrace sometimes

00:06:59:40 00:07:01:92
lunch for a whole week in some
restaurant that someone brings us

00:07:01:92 00:07:07:38
food than to cook, spend time
shopping and and cook at home.

00:07:07:40 00:07:09:46
But this is strictly due to lifestyle,

00:07:09:48 00:07:12:44
because on weekends, for
example, if we do not have a

00:07:12:44 00:07:16:78
Schools, well now it’s just that,
but if time allows us, well we cook,

00:07:16:80 00:07:18:98
But it also happens that
weekends are anyway

00:07:19:00 00:07:21:86
On the city, well, because
we simply waste our time.

00:07:21:88 00:07:27:66
Aha, I understand well Michael, now you.

00:07:27:68 00:07:29:42
As well as how it looks to you.

00:07:29:44 00:07:34:20
We start with what kind of eating habits
prevailed in your home, who were the

00:07:34:40 00:07:38:58
Your parents, what social
status and type of work?

00:07:38:60 00:07:39:94
Also employees,

00:07:39:96 00:07:43:24
rather physical.

00:07:44:24 00:07:50:82
So what Regarding food, I usually
had very big blocks.I did not like

00:07:50:84 00:07:56:20
very much to try new things, I preferred
the standard chop to eat myself.

00:07:56:40 00:08:03:28
What I already knew, I didn’t
like to eat what I didn’t know.

00:08:04:32 00:08:05:70
Well, and now?

00:08:05:72 00:08:09:76
Now it’s a little different and somehow

00:08:09:76 00:08:15:10
I am more and more open
to trying new things.

00:08:15:12 00:08:19:98
Well, and as far as I know it,
you cook. You like to cook.

00:08:20:00 00:08:22:84
Yes, yes I cook, I like to cook. Do I like

00:08:22:84 00:08:28:40
to experiment in the kitchen ?-No..I like
to make things that I ate somewhere and

00:08:28:40 00:08:33:34
just recreate them at home. I have
eaten and just recreate them at home.

00:08:33:36 00:08:35:20
It does not happen, for example, to find

00:08:35:40 00:08:38:82
some fantastic recipe on the
Internet and stated I must do it.

00:08:38:84 00:08:43:58
Only usually when we eat somewhere and
eat something good, I do it later.

00:08:43:60 00:08:45:62
You are looking for. That is, you
are looking for a recipe then.

00:08:45:64 00:08:46:90
I must have inspiration,

00:08:46:92 00:08:48:66
To do something. Yes.I
have to try it first.

00:08:48:68 00:08:51:86
I need to know what something tastes
like so I can recreate it at home later.

00:08:51:88 00:08:55:40
That is, in your case

00:08:55:40 00:09:03:58
on the city looking for inspiration in
order to prepare it yourself later?

00:09:03:60 00:09:04:90

00:09:04:92 00:09:07:66
I don’t strictly set that when
I go to any restaurant I take

00:09:07:68 00:09:11:42
some specific dish, because later
I dream of recreating it at home.

00:09:11:44 00:09:14:66
Only if by chance we come
across some good dish

00:09:14:68 00:09:18:70
then gladly, then yes.

00:09:18:72 00:09:24:30
And after these seven years, is
this boundary left somewhere,

00:09:24:32 00:09:26:10
In addition to those blockers
you mentioned earlier?

00:09:26:12 00:09:28:26
Has she been moved in any way?

00:09:28:28 00:09:31:74
Has it changed, how has it changed?

00:09:31:76 00:09:35:20
What are you reaching for in food?

00:09:35:40 00:09:38:78
With what you experienced as a

00:09:38:80 00:09:40:72
A member of a family where you were raised

00:09:40:72 00:09:42:98
and it was imposed in
advance what you would eat

00:09:43:00 00:09:45:36
By my mother, by my grandmother. No, it

00:09:45:36 00:09:48:84
was more me imposing something
on the whole family which

00:09:48:84 00:09:51:94
will be cooked for dinner, because
I didn’t want to eat anything else.

00:09:51:96 00:09:57:16
It was such a problem that lunches
were made under me , rather than

00:09:57:16 00:10:02:14
under what everyone else was eating, and
I had to adjust, that’s how hard it was.

00:10:02:16 00:10:03:96
And where is your

00:10:03:96 00:10:06:26
border that you know you
definitely won’t try it?

00:10:06:28 00:10:11:70
You will not reach for it. At least
for today, for the here and now.

00:10:11:72 00:10:14:82
It’s the same as Pamela’s
rather. No pluck.

00:10:14:84 00:10:16:40
We are no longer talking about such more

00:10:16:40 00:10:22:32
Hardcore stuff in the form of some
dogs. Because it is never in life.

00:10:22:44 00:10:24:94
And what else?

00:10:24:96 00:10:30:44
I guess that’s it I don’t
know if that’s all… hmmm.

00:10:31:36 00:10:33:30
Very greasy stuff.O also somehow like this

00:10:33:32 00:10:39:82
not necessarily. Something so fatty. Some
such fatty soups, fatty, fatty meats.

00:10:39:84 00:10:45:98
So in summary, this kitchen is
around what the parents created, but

00:10:46:00 00:10:49:34
a little somewhere out of
that zone such you go.

00:10:49:36 00:10:51:38
Surely he is such a large base, yes?

00:10:51:40 00:10:57:60
Oh, and was it affected in
any way by foreign travel?

00:10:57:80 00:10:59:62
Which ones did you have?

00:10:59:64 00:11:04:10
Well that’s for sure
yes. 100% yes 100% yes.

00:11:04:12 00:11:08:44
Plus the various festivals held

00:11:08:44 00:11:13:20
By restaurants, where you actually buy

00:11:13:20 00:11:18:50
With a pre-arranged 3-course menu. And
you can meet interesting things there.

00:11:18:52 00:11:23:18
And lately we have started more

00:11:23:20 00:11:27:38
steer toward such things that we haven’t
tried before because we were curious.

00:11:27:40 00:11:29:58
We got burned a couple of
times, but a couple of times

00:11:29:60 00:11:34:20
We were able to discover really very
good, very good food. For example.

00:11:34:40 00:11:34:70

00:11:34:72 00:11:37:24
We would never order such a dish as cheeks

00:11:37:24 00:11:40:14
for a restaurant, but
they were on the menu

00:11:40:16 00:11:43:14
such a festival one and we tried
it and it turned out great.

00:11:43:16 00:11:45:14
Exactly, well.

00:11:45:16 00:11:51:36
As someone would give me something,

00:11:52:36 00:11:53:86
As if I didn’t have to choose that,

00:11:53:88 00:11:58:20
If I didn’t have to think about
what’s out there, I’d give it a try.

00:11:58:40 00:11:59:66
Maybe I would have enjoyed it.

00:11:59:68 00:12:01:80
On the other hand, when it comes to a

00:12:01:80 00:12:03:74
situation where we go to a restaurant,
I have to get myself something

00:12:03:76 00:12:06:88
choose, well it’s all this kind of thing

00:12:06:88 00:12:10:90
in the form of cheeks,
in the form of offal,

00:12:10:92 00:12:14:10
The meats I haven’t eaten so
far are rather off to the side.

00:12:14:12 00:12:17:50
And I stick to those kind of
safe, standard proven things.

00:12:17:52 00:12:19:14
That is, you don’t go outside the box

00:12:19:16 00:12:21:66
Comfort. That I would try it
because I had never eaten it.

00:12:21:68 00:12:23:18
Unless we are somewhere away and

00:12:23:20 00:12:29:30
There is simply nothing else and I am then
forcedOr I read somewhere that something

00:12:29:32 00:12:31:84
is good.And seafoodOh, and seafood.Seafood

00:12:31:84 00:12:34:84
rather not, but this is
also because of concerns

00:12:34:84 00:12:43:22
sensitization. So here more of a health
concern than any aversion , yes?

00:12:43:24 00:12:45:72
Well, back to it, after
all, we went to the

00:12:45:72 00:12:48:38
completely two new places and we
didn’t even know what to expect.

00:12:48:40 00:12:51:70
There is a diner in such a ranch style.

00:12:51:72 00:12:53:64
And there they do all sorts of strange

00:12:53:64 00:12:55:86
things that we hadn’t
even heard of before.

00:12:55:88 00:12:57:74
And we watch a lot of things about food.

00:12:57:76 00:12:59:80
And, for example, Michael ordered for

00:12:59:80 00:13:02:42
himself something called
something kebab there,

00:13:02:44 00:13:03:84
Where it was not a kebap at all. Just a

00:13:03:84 00:13:06:42
kebap in name only. And it wasn’t that
kind of pub or anything like that.

00:13:06:44 00:13:07:54
Well, no.

00:13:07:56 00:13:09:40
But this, you ordered of yourself and even

00:13:09:40 00:13:11:42
you haven’t seen what it looks like,
because we still always have a way that .

00:13:11:44 00:13:12:88
As we enter new places (as you have

00:13:12:88 00:13:14:90
already convinced yourself
to go to a new place).

00:13:14:92 00:13:15:22
That’s still first always

00:13:15:24 00:13:20:42
We look at a multitude of photos and
videos. And now for some time, for two,

00:13:20:44 00:13:22:86
or three pubs, we don’t
need these photos at all.

00:13:22:88 00:13:25:14
In the sense we see a new pub and have one

00:13:25:16 00:13:27:30
The urge to finally go eat something new.

00:13:27:32 00:13:29:86
Well, because there was
so much of that already.

00:13:29:88 00:13:34:42
The first restaurant where we went, where
there wasn’t really even a menu available.

00:13:34:44 00:13:38:86
Yes, there was a new
establishment opening.

00:13:38:88 00:13:44:34
It was opened by two guys, supposedly
they must have been running some kind of

00:13:44:36 00:13:47:66
culinary concepts and something
there regarding wiskey

00:13:47:68 00:13:48:62

00:13:48:64 00:13:51:52
Well, and people in the comments
wrote that they go blind.Well, they

00:13:51:52 00:13:55:18
also wrote that come to see
so that it will be very,

00:13:55:20 00:13:56:90
Very many interesting items on the menu.

00:13:56:92 00:13:58:90
And first thing in the
morning we thought so.

00:13:58:92 00:14:00:82
No, not that it makes no sense,

00:14:00:84 00:14:03:46
That we will go and leave the pub, well,
because there will be nothing for us.

00:14:03:48 00:14:05:18
Well, because there weren’t
any of those pictures.

00:14:05:20 00:14:08:26
But we finally concluded in the evening
: okay, we’re hungry, so we’re going.

00:14:08:28 00:14:09:14
And off we went.

00:14:09:16 00:14:11:22
And still ordering we felt excitement,

00:14:11:24 00:14:15:96
excitement of course because we
didn’t know what they would bring us.

00:14:16:20 00:14:25:62
And finally we ate. This is not normal

00:14:25:64 00:14:30:10
so the latest is indeed so
……O this is even better !

00:14:30:12 00:14:32:38
I still remember from a year or two ago,

00:14:32:40 00:14:33:44
as Michael was going somewhere to some

00:14:33:44 00:14:34:94
pub, even as he had already
reviewed it on every page,

00:14:34:96 00:14:37:52
it was always like this:

00:14:37:52 00:14:40:20
He is not quite sure
whether to order anything.

00:14:40:40 00:14:42:14
It has been the case for
some time that not enough,

00:14:42:16 00:14:45:34
That he wants to go to new places, we
are still taking a risk with the cards.

00:14:45:36 00:14:46:90
But do you know since when it happened?

00:14:46:92 00:14:49:94
How did you finally taste the
beef tenderloin. Well, maybe.

00:14:49:96 00:14:52:30
Because we didn’t know what to
expect from beef tenderloin.

00:14:52:32 00:14:53:82
And finally Michael ordered.

00:14:53:84 00:14:55:58
And it was delicious.

00:14:55:60 00:14:59:46
And how you ate the tartare.
I say that because this one.

00:14:59:48 00:15:03:90
Tell us more about this
partner’s confidence.

00:15:03:92 00:15:09:54
What you told earlier that Michael
started trying without any problem.

00:15:09:56 00:15:11:14
What this mother of yours cooks when she

00:15:11:16 00:15:16:58
previously approached
with extreme distrust?

00:15:16:60 00:15:19:94
OK. Well, it is indeed the
case that I believe that

00:15:19:96 00:15:24:38
This has a very big impact, because in the
beginning it was as we went to my mother,

00:15:24:40 00:15:26:52
That Michael notoriously questioned and

00:15:26:52 00:15:29:20
stressed about what she
would make for dinner.

00:15:29:40 00:15:32:86
And my mother also asked what to do to
Michael, so that Michael would eat and

00:15:32:88 00:15:36:54
Most often, she would make
chops and mince, and potatoes.

00:15:36:56 00:15:38:22
It was Michael’s dinner,
and she was making us some

00:15:38:24 00:15:42:20
other various wonders, because she likes
to poke around or bake something there,

00:15:42:40 00:15:45:26
He makes sauces, some different
strange salads, salads.

00:15:45:28 00:15:46:50
And so from time to time

00:15:46:52 00:15:48:68
shyly began to try. Also a little mom

00:15:48:68 00:15:50:16
In general, she began to impose on him

00:15:50:16 00:15:52:46
sometimes that he does not like
sorrel with egg, but always

00:15:52:48 00:15:57:60
He’ll put that egg in his sorrel soup.
And he doesn’t mind the egg anymore.

00:15:57:80 00:15:58:22
And he started eating these things.

00:15:58:24 00:15:59:90
And now as we drive to my

00:15:59:92 00:16:04:20
moms, then Michael never even
asks anymore what’s for dinner.

00:16:04:40 00:16:05:44
Just states that it will
definitely be delicious

00:16:05:44 00:16:07:80
dinner. And he goes in blind, He doesn’t

00:16:07:80 00:16:09:18
think about it. Because he
knows he will enjoy it,

00:16:09:20 00:16:11:44
What my mother will do. That is, Michael

00:16:11:44 00:16:14:10
finds out by accident
that he likes something.

00:16:14:12 00:16:15:98
For example, horseradish.

00:16:16:00 00:16:17:86

00:16:17:88 00:16:21:72
Or for example : didn’t
like Michael peppers

00:16:21:72 00:16:24:58
and in everything that is
paprika is most often that yuck.

00:16:24:60 00:16:26:70
Lately we’ve been going
to my mom’s.She made

00:16:26:72 00:16:29:98
Such chicken rolls with
peppers and something inside.

00:16:30:00 00:16:31:88
The second one she made especially for

00:16:31:88 00:16:34:30
Michael with chicken, with
spinach and with feta.

00:16:34:32 00:16:35:70
Can you guess which ones Michael ate?

00:16:35:72 00:16:36:82
Well, the one with peppers.

00:16:36:84 00:16:39:96
And then, two weeks later
he wants mom to make a

00:16:39:96 00:16:41:40
Again, these rolls with peppers. Because

00:16:41:40 00:16:44:10
they tasted so good to him, even though
he continues to dislike these peppers.

00:16:44:12 00:16:47:14
But he liked them so much in this
form prepared by his mother,

00:16:47:16 00:16:50:10
That they eat. Well, yes, because peppers
don’t always taste good in every form.

00:16:50:12 00:16:52:42
I don’t like raw peppers on
sandwiches, for example.

00:16:52:44 00:16:53:38
It seems to me that this

00:16:53:40 00:16:55:40
trust,which we talked about and also the

00:16:55:40 00:16:58:66
fact that I eat a lot of things
and he sees that I eat and me it

00:16:58:68 00:17:05:14
tastes, and that there is such curiosity,
and that translates into this as well.

00:17:05:16 00:17:09:90
And tell me, do you have any such barrier?

00:17:09:12 00:17:13:42
Say to places like a
Michellin-starred restaurant?

00:17:13:44 00:17:16:33
Where there is a price very such say

00:17:16:36 00:17:20:66
exorbitant for things to
experience more than to eat

00:17:20:68 00:17:25:29
yourself, or would you be willing to
go to a place like this at your place?

00:17:25:32 00:17:27:84
We have been gathering for some time and

00:17:27:84 00:17:32:25
the price is still such a factor
……mmmmm. The prohibitive factor.

00:17:32:28 00:17:34:64
We don’t know what to expect, it stresses

00:17:34:64 00:17:37:38
us more, but we are
already thinking about the

00:17:37:40 00:17:39:74
with this for probably two years to go.

00:17:39:76 00:17:43:77
Well, because it would be nice to
go eat something completely new.

00:17:43:80 00:17:45:60
Yes, we’ve already been close several

00:17:45:60 00:17:47:90
times, with two times
that we’ve already had.

00:17:47:92 00:17:50:68
And good risks, because there is such a

00:17:50:68 00:17:53:81
pub in Krakow and it
is highly recommended.

00:17:53:84 00:17:54:90
But we held off.

00:17:54:92 00:17:56:50
But I know that just there one day

00:17:56:52 00:17:59:76
We will go, only there must be
some such opportunity for us…

00:17:59:76 00:18:01:29
Some kind of wedding anniversary probably,

00:18:01:32 00:18:03:62
or something like that, Well,
no? That is, highlighting some

00:18:03:64 00:18:06:56
of an important event, so that we

00:18:06:56 00:18:10:70
remember, so that we
remember and that’s it.

00:18:10:72 00:18:10:74

00:18:10:76 00:18:13:62
And it is also an interesting
thing that we go to pubs

00:18:13:64 00:18:19:50
for occasions.We want to remember an
event with a pub and, for example.

00:18:19:80 00:18:21:74
Such a place where we
always go to celebrate.

00:18:21:76 00:18:23:22
Well not always, but most often it is on

00:18:23:24 00:18:26:18
Example, the restaurant
where we got married.

00:18:26:20 00:18:28:86
And it’s still such a double excitement.

00:18:28:88 00:18:30:92
Because we’re going to this place, and

00:18:30:92 00:18:33:33
we’re going to eat good
food in a place that

00:18:33:36 00:18:37:74
we are fond of, And brand-new places

  • for example, this rancher’s pub-.

00:18:37:76 00:18:43:90
Then we went to Michael’s birthday party.

00:18:43:12 00:18:46:46
It’s also how we do it that
we combine the opportunity,

00:18:46:48 00:18:47:70
Or leave whole.

00:18:47:72 00:18:49:84
Or a trip all under food, but this is

00:18:49:84 00:18:53:10
already sick, then don’t say
anything about it anymore.

00:18:53:40 00:18:59:10
But you guys are very
close to making a blog

00:18:59:40 00:19:04:22
Travel, travel and culinary. Because
you already have so much experience,

00:19:04:24 00:19:08:25
one might be tempted to do so .

00:19:08:28 00:19:08:32
We could certainly comment
on the food in some areas

00:19:08:32 00:19:13:22
As with us, for example,
or Krakow, or even

00:19:13:24 00:19:15:70
In Italy, where it’s a no-no it’s a yes,

00:19:15:72 00:19:18:53
but somehow we never had
the desire to do it.

00:19:18:56 00:19:20:52
Even as we flew for the first and last

00:19:20:52 00:19:23:77
time, on an all-inclusive, well
maybe not the last,” he laughs.

00:19:23:80 00:19:25:90
But it was missed. But
that’s not the point.

00:19:25:92 00:19:29:57
We spent probably two months looking
for a hotel and our only one

00:19:29:60 00:19:33:74
The determinant besides being for
adults is whether there is good food.

00:19:33:76 00:19:35:24
And we looked through thousands of pages

00:19:35:24 00:19:38:10
what people write about food, but
people mostly write whether there were

00:19:38:40 00:19:42:66
slides and whether it was clean, and we
were only interested in whether it was

00:19:42:68 00:19:47:18
tasty. Not even diverse just tasty,
because I’ve noticed that when it’s

00:19:47:20 00:19:51:57
Diverse is most often not
tasty, it’s just a lot, no?

00:19:51:60 00:19:54:50
So that was also a problem.

00:19:54:80 00:19:56:81
That is, not quantity,
but quality is important.

00:19:56:84 00:20:01:94
There can be one but good
dish, not 10 dinner courses,

00:20:01:96 00:20:06:10
Just any unsavory. And we
reject the places we go,

00:20:06:40 00:20:08:77
Even across Poland, if we don’t have a few

00:20:08:80 00:20:12:77
pubs that have been courted,
recommended or tasty.

00:20:12:80 00:20:14:46
And another interesting thing is that.

00:20:14:48 00:20:17:29
We are able to go, for example, to Krakow,

00:20:17:32 00:20:20:33
we will admit, especially
to eat something.

00:20:20:36 00:20:23:38
Authentically we go to
Krakow, for example.

00:20:23:40 00:20:26:29
I understand it acutely,
because we also drive this way.

00:20:26:32 00:20:28:80
No, we rather not brag about it , as we

00:20:28:80 00:20:30:50
already talk like this
in a trusted circle,

00:20:30:80 00:20:33:74
then we are able to get in the car
just to drive, eat and return.

00:20:33:76 00:20:35:33
Because we don’t really like walking.

00:20:35:36 00:20:36:25
We don’t explore anything there anymore,

00:20:36:28 00:20:37:57
because we don’t have anything
to explore there anymore.

00:20:37:60 00:20:42:18
We’ve already been there a thousand times,
but we fancy a pub or something somewhere

00:20:42:20 00:20:46:81
Specifically, it’s in Krakow.
And that’s where we’re going.

00:20:46:84 00:20:49:20
Kraków is in this respect

00:20:49:20 00:20:51:29
very rich, and therefore has a
huge advantage over other cities.

00:20:51:32 00:20:53:50
We also have such a
favorite pub in Cieszyn.

00:20:53:52 00:20:58:10
Yes, there are also a few such local
pubs , where it is really tasty, a

00:20:58:40 00:21:00:29
these are small towns here in the area.

00:21:00:32 00:21:01:98
They really are so inconspicuous, and

00:21:02:00 00:21:03:36
there we go specially, just that it is

00:21:03:36 00:21:05:29
such an excuse, that aa is
nice weather, we will go.

00:21:05:32 00:21:10:22
Or you have to pull over and
make up the roads later.

00:21:10:24 00:21:15:77
And I still have such a
question back home now.

00:21:15:80 00:21:18:81
The moment you eat at home.

00:21:18:84 00:21:23:90
This is how it is done in your
country, since you are studying.

00:21:23:92 00:21:29:38
We always eat together. Do you always eat
together? Do you always eat at the table?

00:21:29:40 00:21:30:46
As we are both at home,

00:21:30:48 00:21:32:38
it never happens that we eat separately.

00:21:32:40 00:21:32:41

00:21:32:40 00:21:34:22
We always eat together, and
it’s always at the table.

00:21:34:24 00:21:35:62
Never, Always,

00:21:35:64 00:21:36:46
for example, Michael

00:21:36:48 00:21:40:86
Are you waiting for Pamela to finish
class and then you eat together?

00:21:40:88 00:21:42:62
Yes, yes.It doesn’t happen otherwise.

00:21:42:64 00:21:43:77
It is impossible to do otherwise.

00:21:43:80 00:21:48:40
I don’t think it’s ever happened
otherwise. That would be strange.

00:21:49:76 00:21:51:46
I understand.

00:21:51:48 00:21:57:54
Do you think that your, your fascinations
and your travels, your experiences in any

00:21:57:56 00:22:02:14
the way they inspired that older
generation of your parents, for example.

00:22:02:16 00:22:05:22
To take similar similar actions?

00:22:05:24 00:22:08:20
For example, did you recommend something
to your parents and they benefited.

00:22:08:40 00:22:15:18
They are certainly more willing
to go somewhere and try the same.

00:22:15:20 00:22:16:29
In my case, no.

00:22:16:32 00:22:18:40
My only concern is whether it

00:22:18:40 00:22:22:33
You caused such an impulse
that it went somewhere, that.

00:22:22:36 00:22:27:98
That this recommendation of yours is
your such an infatuation with a place

00:22:28:00 00:22:32:90
caused them to want to
experience it too, for example ?

00:22:32:12 00:22:34:90
There were a few places that did.

00:22:34:92 00:22:35:42
In my case, for example, no.

00:22:35:44 00:22:39:98
Because with me, I mainly
associate my mother with food.

00:22:40:00 00:22:44:44
It’s that they don’t go that way at
all, mostly to the pub, only mom

00:22:44:44 00:22:48:22
does various things around the house
because she just likes it and it’s fun.

00:22:48:24 00:22:50:78
And she does all sorts of
strange things to herself,

00:22:50:80 00:22:54:50
Which, as I said, sometimes
work, sometimes not.

00:22:54:52 00:22:56:54
And I guess in this way. I don’t know,

00:22:56:56 00:22:57:68
It seems to me that this is still the kind

00:22:57:68 00:22:59:20
of generation that thinks
that how to eat at the

00:22:59:40 00:23:02:46
City , it is not always good
and not always good quality.

00:23:02:48 00:23:05:56
My mother is a bit like that too

00:23:05:56 00:23:09:94
Such a craze about it, that it must
be good something of quality, etc.

00:23:09:96 00:23:11:70
And it seems to me that
she has such a background

00:23:11:72 00:23:16:26
still from the past, that it
stopped at some such period of

00:23:16:28 00:23:22:33
Once that this food in the city is
such a table. Well, and that I also

00:23:22:36 00:23:25:33
I always remember as a child, or now
as my sister was is much younger

00:23:25:36 00:23:27:52
than I did and also grew up later than I

00:23:27:52 00:23:31:33
did, then, for example, there is no
such thing as McDonald’s at home.

00:23:31:36 00:23:33:90
Pizza is a holiday , as it
once appeared in the house.

00:23:33:92 00:23:37:26
Rather, it is also that not fast food.

00:23:37:28 00:23:42:20
So this is also such a curiosity.

00:23:42:40 00:23:45:74
And how do you assess the overall
economic situation at the moment?

00:23:45:76 00:23:47:66
What direction is this gastronomy heading?

00:23:47:68 00:23:50:44
Is it, or is there a limit to where

00:23:50:44 00:23:53:81
will you find that this
is not what we go for?

00:23:53:84 00:23:56:81
We gave up on pizza, but that’s
because you make a better one at home.

00:23:56:84 00:24:01:42
Well, that is one thing, but the other
is that to many places no longer

00:24:01:44 00:24:03:66
We will go because they
have exaggerated prices.

00:24:03:68 00:24:05:12
It’s not that, it’s just that in our

00:24:05:12 00:24:07:98
country there is this problem, and
it seems to me that it’s worth it to

00:24:08:00 00:24:10:92
of this to mention that Michael cooks very

00:24:10:92 00:24:14:20
well, and most often
it is unfortunately so

00:24:14:40 00:24:20:26
As he recreates something at home it is
better. But only because it is our taste.

00:24:20:28 00:24:22:00
Because when he does pad thai, for

00:24:22:00 00:24:25:26
example, he makes the perfect
focus, adds the perfect amount of

00:24:25:28 00:24:30:38
carrots, the perfect amount of
chives and it’s all so beneath us.

00:24:30:40 00:24:32:66
Do you know what’s going
on? Same with pizza.

00:24:32:68 00:24:37:38
If he makes pizza, we go to the Italian
and buy good Italian products and what

00:24:37:40 00:24:41:78
we like and as much as we want and this
pizza is then so perfect under us.

00:24:41:80 00:24:43:78
And here is the problem that we now

00:24:43:80 00:24:46:14
It’s a shame to spend money
on pizza just because.

00:24:46:16 00:24:49:22
This pizza of yours is very good at home.

00:24:49:24 00:24:50:94
But, for example, if we don’t go as

00:24:50:96 00:24:55:57
We’ve been to this ranch pub, we don’t
do that at home. At least not yet.

00:24:55:60 00:25:00:20
And there we don’t feel bad about the
money, even though this bill is also high.

00:25:00:40 00:25:00:80

00:25:00:80 00:25:01:72
For example, is sushi also such a

00:25:01:72 00:25:03:20
thing that we did sushi for a while, but

00:25:03:20 00:25:05:33
it’s not worth it at all.
Because if you want to make such

00:25:05:36 00:25:07:36
really wypasionege sushi, it turns out

00:25:07:36 00:25:09:74
that the cost matches
that of the restaurant.

00:25:09:76 00:25:11:46
I don’t know how much of it

00:25:11:48 00:25:15:14
buy ,this fish because it is and
raw and in panco, and some wonders.

00:25:15:16 00:25:17:54
And how much would you even
have to do it for two people.

00:25:17:56 00:25:19:70
So, too, it’s the kind of thing that

00:25:19:72 00:25:22:74
I don’t know what would have to happen for
us to give up if we don’t buy from the

00:25:22:76 00:25:27:33
occasionally sushi, although it’s not
the cheapest, cheapest food either.

00:25:27:36 00:25:28:57
You know what I mean.

00:25:28:60 00:25:30:81
And as you mentioned, it’s actually

00:25:30:84 00:25:37:20
buying all these components, it may
turn out to be per balance larger

00:25:37:20 00:25:39:86
greater expense than the finished product.

00:25:39:88 00:25:42:81
Because it still needs
to go to a good store,

00:25:42:84 00:25:48:14
need to shop, then
prepare, time to prepare

00:25:48:16 00:25:51:38
this and it turns out that it
takes 10 hours to make sushi.

00:25:51:40 00:25:54:42
Well, and you’re still wasting
products on even half the products.

00:25:54:44 00:25:57:76
Later it will go or get done

00:25:57:76 00:26:02:57
10 rolls with the same fish, or half
the product could go to waste later.

00:26:02:60 00:26:04:86
You will have to combine
what to do with it next.

00:26:04:88 00:26:11:90
Well, and most often just to try something
cool is, that’s the determinant in

00:26:11:12 00:26:14:29
Such a case with you that why buy it all?

00:26:14:32 00:26:16:40
Because perhaps we may not necessarily

00:26:16:40 00:26:20:24
return to it at all. And it
will stand in the cabinet.

00:26:25:88 00:26:28:62
This is what happened
quite recently with udon.

00:26:28:64 00:26:30:50
We would never go to a pub in our lives

00:26:30:80 00:26:34:29
No Chinese or Vietnamese, I can’t
remember what kind of cuisine it is.

00:26:34:32 00:26:36:74
On udon. I never associated udon at all

00:26:36:76 00:26:40:42
With something tasty, neither
appearance nor overall I don’t know.

00:26:40:44 00:26:42:57
And this is a`propos of this fragrance.

00:26:42:60 00:26:44:52
We were somewhere, there was a festival or

00:26:44:52 00:26:48:74
such a market was. There was a market of
different cuisines of the world and it

00:26:48:76 00:26:52:50
was one of the most intensely scented.

00:26:52:52 00:26:56:26
And we were tempted, for this udon.
He didn’t even look cool, but yes

00:26:56:28 00:26:59:00
smelled that it did not give us a pass and

00:26:59:00 00:27:01:94
we made a circle and
went back for that udon.

00:27:01:96 00:27:05:90
We tried this udon and, of course,
it is at home and delicious.

00:27:05:92 00:27:08:26
And now we have plenty of
things to make udon at home.

00:27:08:28 00:27:13:57
That is, now Far Eastern cuisines.

00:27:13:60 00:27:14:50

00:27:14:80 00:27:18:57
But really, well, because it’s just
and cool, because it’s cheap, fast.

00:27:18:60 00:27:21:12
If you don’t have an idea for dinner, well

00:27:21:12 00:27:23:81
udon is great, it literally
takes 10 minutes,

00:27:23:84 00:27:26:50
Like all such pasta, all pasta.

00:27:26:80 00:27:28:74
We eat a lot of pasta, yes.

00:27:28:76 00:27:31:33
And it’s also such a curiosity.

00:27:31:36 00:27:32:68
Super, super!

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