ART-723 -An interview with the well-known Polish food critic Maciej Blatkiewicz

ART-723 -An interview with the well-known Polish food critic Maciej Blatkiewicz

A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview Maciej Blatkiewicz, a well-known food critic in Poland, the owner of a popular YouTube channel (292,000 subscribers as of March 13, 2023) which has existed since 2016.

The purpose of the conversation was to find the relationship between the habits learned from the family home and pushing one’s own habitual boundaries during several years of professional work directly related to food testing. I also wanted to find out how Maciej opened up to new flavors, and whether his choices and eating habits have changed. What did he pay attention to when buying food and how it looks now. What determined certain choices in the past and now after 7 years of professionally running a travel-culinary-critical program.
7 years ago, Blatkiewicz, while still a student, started his program by testing cheap fast-food bars on a budget of a modest student. The popularity of these films led him to pursue them professionally, combining his program with his love of travel. Over these 7 years, in addition to cheap budget bars, better and better restaurants (including those awarded with Michelin stars) began to appear.

During this conversation, Maciej told me that he learned the flavors, and became more open to new flavors. He also became an inspiration, for example, for his parents and friends. At the very beginning, the main element of the election was the economic factor and the fascination with unhealthy fast food. However, visiting professional places that put the main emphasis on product quality and good taste, he very quickly understood and appreciated the difference between cheap food and a good, valuable product. He also said that good taste must be learned, that it is a process to which one must be open and experienced in order to understand the difference.

Here is the transcript form the interview

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00:00:01:36 00:00:03:12
Maybe for starters

00:00:03:12 00:00:09:74
I would very much appreciate a few words
to introduce what you do for a living.

00:00:09:76 00:00:12:70
My name
is. Maciej Blatkiewicz.

00:00:12:72 00:00:14:46
I run the YouTub channel Maciej Je.

00:00:14:48 00:00:17:48
I also previously blogged first

00:00:17:48 00:00:19:92
under this, later under this title, and

00:00:19:92 00:00:23:26
before that under another,
and a channel on YouTube.

00:00:23:28 00:00:28:46
And this blog focused on
food, primarily eating out.

00:00:28:48 00:00:30:44
That’s what I call it and that’s

00:00:30:44 00:00:32:56
a very broad term, because they are both

00:00:32:56 00:00:35:40
restaurants, expensive
restaurants, cheap restaurants

00:00:35:40 00:00:37:98
Restaurants, cheaper bars,
but also some street food.

00:00:38:00 00:00:39:80
In general, all that

00:00:39:80 00:00:44:54
In the city, not necessarily only in my
city you can eat, because just not only

00:00:44:56 00:00:50:74
in my city, as there is also a large
travel thread on the channel on YouTube.

00:00:50:76 00:00:53:48
My wife and I drive a lot

00:00:53:48 00:00:58:74
Across Poland, across Europe, across
the world, wherever it carries us.

00:00:58:76 00:01:00:58
And let’s start at the beginning then.

00:01:00:60 00:01:04:74
What kind of eating habits prevailed in
your home when you were a young boy?

00:01:04:76 00:01:07:85
What family did you stand
in when it came to food?

00:01:07:88 00:01:13:13
As for the food, it was that rather meals.

00:01:13:16 00:01:16:20
It was consumed quickly,
it was eaten quickly

00:01:16:40 00:01:19:98
prepared, although it was
always eaten at the table.

00:01:20:00 00:01:23:70
It was not as it sometimes is in other
areas that one does not do, for example.

00:01:23:72 00:01:27:85
In solitude or somewhere
in front of the TV.

00:01:27:88 00:01:32:29
Although ok, there was a
table and there was a TV too.

00:01:32:32 00:01:34:40
But at the table always

00:01:34:40 00:01:38:78
this, I think, is worth emphasizing
that always what happened at the table.

00:01:38:80 00:01:42:34
But yes the meals were prepared rather
quickly due to the fact that my

00:01:42:36 00:01:47:78
The parents worked a lot and there
just wasn’t that much time for it.

00:01:47:80 00:01:50:82
It is known that the
weekend could be that time

00:01:50:84 00:01:56:26
sacrifice more, but during the week it
was always something prepared quickly.

00:01:56:28 00:01:58:70

00:01:58:72 00:02:00:42
They were never some unknown

00:02:00:44 00:02:05:68
rarities, rather such simple food,
our cuisine, native, Polish, but also

00:02:05:68 00:02:08:34
Something that can be made
quickly, i.e. some pasta such as.

00:02:08:36 00:02:15:78
very often also such cuisine, which
resulted a little from the circumstances.

00:02:15:80 00:02:18:50
And who were your
grandparents and parents?

00:02:18:52 00:02:24:26
By this I mean social and economic status.

00:02:24:28 00:02:30:14
For the times, my parents were
in that middle-income group,

00:02:30:16 00:02:34:32
albeit it was such an
average earner for the

00:02:34:32 00:02:39:73
Polish conditions, that is, as if
we have never starved if about this

00:02:39:76 00:02:45:76
walks, but we also never
lived in any luxuries.

00:02:46:64 00:02:51:90
For vacations, you had to
specially set aside money, etc.

00:02:51:92 00:02:55:94
I treat it as such a status.

00:02:55:96 00:02:57:30

00:02:57:32 00:03:01:94
Let’s say middle class, but in
this sense of Poland in the 1990s.

00:03:01:96 00:03:07:74
Also add very please what your
parents did for a living.

00:03:07:76 00:03:09:24
yes yes yes

00:03:11:36 00:03:13:60
My mother is a speech therapist,

00:03:13:80 00:03:16:40
works in education, psychological
and pedagogical counseling center

00:03:16:40 00:03:19:68
and has been working there for as long as

00:03:19:68 00:03:24:58
I can remember and I think
almost always after graduation.

00:03:24:60 00:03:28:92
My dad, on the other hand, is an IT
specialist, and no in the days of the

00:03:28:92 00:03:34:58
I grew up, he worked for such a company,
which was not located in our village.

00:03:34:60 00:03:36:26
I am from Gorzow Wielkopolski, had to

00:03:36:28 00:03:41:38
commute about a hundred kilometers
and, as an IT specialist, dealt with.

00:03:41:40 00:03:44:12
He worked as an IT specialist, but worked

00:03:44:12 00:03:47:32
in a feed plant, animal
feed.That is, employees

00:03:47:32 00:03:49:32
intellectuals, generally

00:03:49:32 00:03:53:58
That’s how white-collar workers and that’s
how my grandparents can also be described.

00:03:53:60 00:03:59:38
Everyone did something different, but they
tended to be white-collar, office workers.

00:03:59:40 00:04:00:76
The education of the grandparents

00:04:00:76 00:04:02:66
differed, as only
grandfather one had higher

00:04:02:68 00:04:08:10
education, although all had
white-collar jobs rather .

00:04:08:12 00:04:10:82
Now tell me what mainly determined

00:04:10:84 00:04:16:74
early in your adult and professional life
about the choices of places you ate at.

00:04:16:76 00:04:19:82
Except for the reviews on TripAdvisor,
because that came up later,

00:04:19:84 00:04:21:62
But what was it? Was it cash?

00:04:21:64 00:04:23:90
Referral of friends perhaps attract

00:04:23:92 00:04:27:80
some smell or a nice interior, or perhaps

00:04:27:80 00:04:30:72
the cleanliness of some
premises in particular

00:04:30:72 00:04:32:74
Did she influence it? Here we
are talking about adult life?

00:04:32:76 00:04:35:98
Are you still in your student
days, or already out of college?

00:04:36:00 00:04:37:98
The moment you left the house and

00:04:38:00 00:04:42:46
You had to take care of
nourishing your body yourself.

00:04:42:48 00:04:45:32
That’s if it’s about in the
beginning, in the study it

00:04:45:32 00:04:51:22
definitely the cash. Because
this budget was not big and

00:04:51:24 00:04:57:30
If I ate something in the city it was
rather something cheap for little money.

00:04:57:32 00:04:59:74
Of course, it also had
to be something that

00:04:59:76 00:05:05:54
say is close to my culinary
tastes at the time.

00:05:05:56 00:05:11:20
That is, it was some such Italian
cuisine, broadly defined or

00:05:11:20 00:05:16:30
some such thing, something I knew from
television, American cuisine, that is.

00:05:16:32 00:05:23:66
Some burgers, some kind of fast food,
street food, but in such a way quite.

00:05:23:68 00:05:24:50
Quite cheap.

00:05:24:52 00:05:27:72
And this and this was at the beginning
itself, when it still did not

00:05:27:72 00:05:30:82
I wasn’t making my money while maintenance
was still dangling in front of me.

00:05:30:84 00:05:36:10
I no longer lived and lived in my family
home and this budget was smaller.

00:05:36:12 00:05:41:90
Later, once I started earning and
also developing my passion for food,

00:05:41:92 00:05:48:20
As well as the development of my
professional career, what I decided,

00:05:48:40 00:05:52:22
for such places that were, one might
say on the one hand fashionable,

00:05:52:24 00:05:53:80
But on the other hand, they were also

00:05:53:80 00:05:55:90
modern, because they were
also often new places.

00:05:55:92 00:05:59:46
In the beginning, I visited a
lot, mostly new places. Such,

00:05:59:48 00:06:01:64
Which (I lived in Poznan at the time) and

00:06:01:64 00:06:04:30
such that existed, I do
not know for 10 15 years.

00:06:04:32 00:06:07:40
Although there were good reviews
circulating about them that it was

00:06:07:40 00:06:12:30
friends recommended them, well
they didn’t exactly attract me.

00:06:12:32 00:06:15:82
I have always been attracted to such

00:06:15:84 00:06:19:58
A slightly more modern visual
identity for these places.

00:06:19:60 00:06:22:34
Also it’s like These places very often

00:06:22:36 00:06:25:86
At the time, they communicated
primarily on Facebook.

00:06:25:88 00:06:28:84
This was the time when Facebook started

00:06:28:84 00:06:32:70
become popular and also
restaurants appeared on Facebook.

00:06:32:72 00:06:37:50
And it is precisely such places popular on
Facebook that I remember to begin with.

00:06:37:52 00:06:42:66
were very attracted to each other, and
that’s kind of where it all started.

00:06:42:68 00:06:47:24
And then it developed in such
a way that I just looked for

00:06:47:24 00:06:52:22
good places that are considered
good somewhere. Some friends

00:06:52:24 00:06:56:42
There were people there who also
have similar interests to me, ie.

00:06:56:44 00:06:59:54
just related to food and a
particular place they recommended.

00:06:59:56 00:07:04:50
Well, and that’s what it was all
based on all the time. That’s what it

00:07:04:52 00:07:09:18
all the time bases that
I primarily visit these

00:07:09:20 00:07:14:80
Places I’ve heard good things
about. On this principle and which

00:07:14:80 00:07:20:86
through their promotion just on
social media can interest me.

00:07:20:88 00:07:22:16
I’m talking about places, of course, that

00:07:22:16 00:07:24:20
I don’t have under my house,
only I would have to make them

00:07:24:40 00:07:28:60
somehow specifically look for, But these
are such two factors, namely opinions

00:07:28:60 00:07:32:36
People who are less well known and
unknown, but whose opinions I value

00:07:32:36 00:07:38:50
and how these sites are able to reach
out to potential visitors in the

00:07:38:52 00:07:39:86
social media,

00:07:39:88 00:07:44:82
And yet, as we are just
at this type of election.

00:07:44:84 00:07:47:24
At a time when just

00:07:47:24 00:07:52:78
were you starting to manage
your economic budget, or

00:07:52:80 00:07:56:86
you were open to new flavors,
without risking, for example.

00:07:56:88 00:07:59:00
That: and I will spend money and be

00:07:59:00 00:08:01:90
dissatisfied, or you
reached for something new,

00:08:01:92 00:08:07:30
Or did you rather try to buy something
to eat that you already know?

00:08:07:32 00:08:12:26
I happened to reach for something new,
albeit to a much lesser extent than

00:08:12:28 00:08:15:20
now, however, because that
risk was much higher.

00:08:15:40 00:08:17:64
Spending an amount of money on food that

00:08:17:64 00:08:20:78
may not necessarily taste
good to me because it

00:08:20:80 00:08:25:10
will be something, something new,
not necessarily to my taste.

00:08:25:12 00:08:28:76
It’s also unclear whether it will turn out

00:08:28:76 00:08:32:62
to be so bad that I
won’t be able to eat it.

00:08:32:64 00:08:33:98
Well, because it can also happen.

00:08:34:00 00:08:35:78
So that I was certainly more careful in

00:08:35:80 00:08:42:78
their choices and also for suchAs if
money, for such experiments, was a

00:08:42:80 00:08:46:46
a little separate budget
than for such daily food.

00:08:46:48 00:08:48:54
That is, it can be said that it was rather

00:08:48:56 00:08:51:66
In terms of that money, it
was more like this part

00:08:51:68 00:08:57:60
budget for entertainment, for your
passions yes, and not for the

00:08:57:80 00:09:00:14
Such everyday, everyday
life and everyday food.

00:09:00:16 00:09:01:74
This I also limited a little in my

00:09:01:76 00:09:07:82
head so that this budget clips
at the end of the month.

00:09:07:84 00:09:12:78
And was there any reluctance to try
food you are not familiar with?

00:09:12:80 00:09:14:48
For example:

00:09:14:48 00:09:16:20
Do you know where your boundary is?

00:09:16:40 00:09:18:40
Will you try things that you never in

00:09:18:40 00:09:20:40
life you have not eaten before, and are in

00:09:20:40 00:09:22:86
some way in some
controversial for example.

00:09:22:88 00:09:28:34
Some insects, some grasshoppers
or frog legs, well frog legs.

00:09:28:36 00:09:30:64
I know that you acutely tried because I

00:09:30:64 00:09:35:30
watched, I know that you tried, but
everyone has some certain limits and knows

00:09:35:32 00:09:38:34
Certainly that certain things
he will definitely not try.

00:09:38:36 00:09:39:98
Do you have something like this?

00:09:40:00 00:09:44:62
Yes, yes, I have such boundaries,
although I think they are much

00:09:44:64 00:09:46:36
more far-fetched than in the average

00:09:46:36 00:09:48:78
person, because they don’t
have a problem with the

00:09:48:80 00:09:53:54
eating just worms or some such dishes, or

00:09:53:56 00:09:59:82
Zoonotic products, which in
Poland are not exactly say

00:09:59:84 00:10:03:26
They are not yet socially acceptable,
but that they are strange simply.

00:10:03:28 00:10:05:00
Because I tend to have resistance to

00:10:05:00 00:10:07:38
things that are socially
unacceptable in Poland,

00:10:07:40 00:10:08:86
Which somewhere in the world is eaten,

00:10:08:88 00:10:11:54
although also increasingly rare
type of I don’t know, meat anymore,

00:10:11:56 00:10:14:42
Meat, dog, meat, cat,
well, never in my life.

00:10:14:44 00:10:17:66
Such already very extreme, extreme cases.

00:10:17:68 00:10:23:74
Or what I witnessed in
Korea, they eat there.

00:10:23:76 00:10:31:34
Beef served, or the octopus itself,
which is sometimes still alive,

00:10:31:36 00:10:33:56
Or. Or it’s right, right after the kill

00:10:33:56 00:10:36:42
and those limbs are still
moving, even though the

00:10:36:44 00:10:37:98
as if already the organism

00:10:38:00 00:10:39:50
, no longer in operation.

00:10:39:52 00:10:44:38
I have resistance to such things when

00:10:44:40 00:10:47:70
something is still alive, or is just meat,

00:10:47:72 00:10:50:98
meat of animal species that

00:10:51:00 00:10:52:40
in our culture are absolutely not

00:10:52:40 00:10:55:10
associated with food, and here I
am talking primarily about the

00:10:55:12 00:10:59:14
such pets.

00:10:59:16 00:10:59:50
Mhmm I see.

00:10:59:52 00:11:01:36
And over the years and those such, and

00:11:01:36 00:11:04:60
many visits to various places
when they appeared in the

00:11:04:80 00:11:07:74
your life top restaurants with Michelle’s
stars, where these are already

00:11:07:76 00:11:12:94
really top-notch stuff, I observed
while watching your programs,

00:11:12:96 00:11:15:82
How you learn that taste.

00:11:15:84 00:11:19:70
Can you now say what these
visits have taught you?

00:11:19:72 00:11:23:90
Are you more picky, or do you
appreciate a good product more?

00:11:23:92 00:11:29:18
Have you noticed that this has shifted
in your such perception of food?

00:11:29:20 00:11:30:98
Has that changed?

00:11:31:00 00:11:32:10
I think it certainly does.

00:11:32:12 00:11:35:20
As I compare whether

00:11:35:20 00:11:39:00
or the beginning of their studies, that
is, their becoming independent, or even

00:11:39:00 00:11:41:32
The beginning of the channel, which was

00:11:41:32 00:11:44:00
not that long ago at
all, well it definitely

00:11:44:00 00:11:50:18
I began to appreciate a lot, a lot, a
lot of products and also their quality.

00:11:50:20 00:11:52:66
And I believe that acutely
many things can be

00:11:52:68 00:11:58:46
learn from books or
documentaries about food.

00:11:58:48 00:12:01:60
But just recognizing a good product

00:12:01:60 00:12:05:50
without being able to
taste it won’t teach.

00:12:05:52 00:12:08:98
We will not learn it . Also in this regard

00:12:09:00 00:12:14:30
Certainly the opportunity to try these
better products, or dishes in general

00:12:14:32 00:12:19:28
made with some totally
new techniques for me

00:12:19:28 00:12:22:60
certainly taught me a lot and I certainly
still have a lot to learn on the subject

00:12:22:80 00:12:24:52
learn, because, of course, I’ve been to a

00:12:24:52 00:12:27:70
few, a dozen of these types
of restaurants, but this

00:12:27:72 00:12:34:22
there’s still some sort of a proxy for
what can be known and what can be learned.

00:12:34:24 00:12:36:92
And here I will also point
out that it is not only

00:12:36:92 00:12:39:60
This, not just a matter of
those restaurants with a star.

00:12:39:80 00:12:42:80
I think, because even the beginning of

00:12:42:80 00:12:45:76
this path of mine, when
I learned that a good

00:12:45:76 00:12:51:20
hamburger, you can eat a good
burger not in a chain restaurant

00:12:51:20 00:12:54:40
Like McDonald’s or Burger King, only that

00:12:54:40 00:12:57:10
there are establishments
that serve burgers

00:12:57:12 00:13:02:10
Of beef, which is much, much better,
has a much higher quality, is

00:13:02:12 00:13:05:70
much better prepared
than just in fast food.

00:13:05:72 00:13:09:34
And as if also this kind of
simple difference that you can

00:13:09:36 00:13:12:58
observe, also taught me
a lot at that point.

00:13:12:60 00:13:16:98
And it is not and we are not talking
about it being junk food then.

00:13:17:00 00:13:20:50
Exactly further maybe
unhealthy, but not so much.

00:13:20:52 00:13:22:14
If it is as you said

00:13:22:16 00:13:26:46
Good quality beef, then what could
there be unhealthy in it, right?

00:13:26:48 00:13:31:18
If prepared the right way,
with love, with good spices,

00:13:31:20 00:13:33:80
well then we are talking about a burger

00:13:33:80 00:13:37:20
that is of high quality,
and is healthy rather.

00:13:37:40 00:13:42:10
And tell me such a thing, do you cook
the meals yourself in this case,

00:13:42:12 00:13:44:98
Or do you use prepared meals
when you are not working?

00:13:45:00 00:13:48:42
What happens in your life then?

00:13:48:44 00:13:50:70
We generally do little cooking at home.

00:13:50:72 00:13:52:40
And I have to admit that

00:13:52:40 00:13:56:98
When it comes to such meals for
dinner, it’s really very, very,

00:13:57:00 00:13:59:60
We cook very little, but we also have

00:13:59:60 00:14:02:74
little time to do so,
as we have a total of

00:14:02:76 00:14:05:78
we work a lot, even when
we are not recording, well

00:14:05:80 00:14:08:30
We deal with these
behind-the-scenes activities,

00:14:08:32 00:14:12:78
That is, we edit films and also then
there is not much time for this cooking,

00:14:12:80 00:14:14:84
so we usually

00:14:14:84 00:14:20:20
(I say in the context of dinners all
the time) or food we order, very often,

00:14:20:40 00:14:23:22
Or sometimes we use some,
say, ready-made dishes.

00:14:23:24 00:14:26:82
although this is rare. Rather,
we order and possibly cook,

00:14:26:84 00:14:28:30

00:14:28:32 00:14:30:66
When there is simply more time for it.

00:14:30:68 00:14:34:26
What’s different about breakfasts,
dinners we rather do something fast.

00:14:34:28 00:14:39:60
Also the way it came from
home, you could say.

00:14:39:80 00:14:40:88
We’re always a bit short on time with this

00:14:40:88 00:14:46:50
cooking, because we simply
devote it to other areas.

00:14:46:52 00:14:48:94
I understand. OK.

00:14:48:96 00:14:51:64
And such I have one more question:

00:14:51:64 00:14:58:86
Whether and how Macieja’s eating habits
and choices have changed ( if so )

00:14:58:88 00:15:01:78
From 7 years ago, when you
look back on yourself?

00:15:01:80 00:15:05:18
What has changed in your
own personal choices?

00:15:05:20 00:15:11:34
And later Soni still, when you started
walking through life together?

00:15:11:36 00:15:13:46
I think a lot has changed.

00:15:13:48 00:15:15:50
In the sense of certainly more,

00:15:15:52 00:15:19:58
I pay more attention to
the products themselves.

00:15:19:60 00:15:20:80
Both when it comes to going out to a

00:15:20:80 00:15:22:70
restaurant, but also when it
comes to shopping in a store

00:15:22:72 00:15:26:50
I just look at the composition of
products much, much more often

00:15:26:52 00:15:28:50
And how they look.

00:15:28:52 00:15:34:60
This is very, very, very important to me.

00:15:34:84 00:15:36:44
Also yes tastes have changed a bit for

00:15:36:44 00:15:38:62
sure, because I do not hide
those 7 years ago a lot

00:15:38:64 00:15:43:72
I was more turned on by things

00:15:43:72 00:15:48:66
fast food and I was much more likely to
eat burgers, pizza, some such thing.

00:15:48:68 00:15:54:86
Immortality on .:)))
Things less healthy.Well

00:15:54:88 00:15:57:30
Over the years, I have certainly come
to appreciate much more, for example.

00:15:57:32 00:15:59:86
plant-based cuisine.

00:15:59:88 00:16:02:20
I know that I will never become

00:16:02:20 00:16:07:60
100% vegetarian, but as if that meat too

00:16:07:80 00:16:08:56
I significantly reduced, which is not

00:16:08:56 00:16:10:98
visible in the videos, because,
however, when traveling and

00:16:11:00 00:16:15:74
exploring the flavors of the world,
this meat plays a huge role.

00:16:15:76 00:16:17:90
But so every day at home, meat does not

00:16:17:92 00:16:20:70
Is that important to me in such a diet.

00:16:20:72 00:16:23:86
In such a home diet.

00:16:23:88 00:16:26:20
It’s things like this that are probably

00:16:26:20 00:16:30:10
the most important, which means
being more aware of what you eat.

00:16:30:12 00:16:32:70
And the other is actually a limitation

00:16:32:72 00:16:38:60
meat, which you kind of can’t see from
the videos, but which is actually

00:16:38:80 00:16:44:38
quite , quite large and if I have to say
something here for Sonia, similarly.

00:16:44:40 00:16:47:98
These habits and food
choices have changed for us.

00:16:48:00 00:16:49:82
Although Sonia never any admirer

00:16:49:84 00:16:54:14
great fast food was not,
but other than that, yes.

00:16:54:16 00:17:03:82
And do your mutual friends somehow
at this time ask you what to choose?

00:17:03:84 00:17:07:14
Somewhere going where
they know you have been?

00:17:07:16 00:17:12:90
Do they suggest your opinions on the
subject and be more adventurous?

00:17:12:12 00:17:16:22
Maybe then in trying
something new, or rather not?

00:17:16:24 00:17:17:90
Ask yourself –

00:17:17:92 00:17:20:66
they ask for sure yes,
it’s definitely that.

00:17:20:68 00:17:26:14
Especially when they go somewhere, they
actually ask for such recommendations.

00:17:26:16 00:17:30:70
And as for the courage to try. I
think we inspired a couple of people

00:17:30:72 00:17:37:29
to try new flavors and
new dishes, new products.

00:17:37:32 00:17:38:50
I think, for example.

00:17:38:80 00:17:41:66
I inspired my parents to do
so to a considerable extent.

00:17:41:68 00:17:46:50
Yet there are some people who
are difficult to encourage,

00:17:46:52 00:17:48:96
Because they already have some of their

00:17:48:96 00:17:52:33
predetermined preferences
and know that, for example.

00:17:52:36 00:17:54:92
For them only such native Polish cuisine

00:17:54:92 00:17:57:44
is fine and they don’t want to here

00:17:57:44 00:18:01:46
anymore, they don’t want to
try other things too much.

00:18:01:48 00:18:03:57
And here I am talking
to my peers it is not

00:18:03:60 00:18:07:94
I’m talking about some elderly people who
have already lived through a lot, a lot.

00:18:07:96 00:18:09:77
I’m not talking about my grandmother here,

00:18:09:80 00:18:12:90
yes, I’m just talking about
my peers here, who after

00:18:12:12 00:18:14:12
They simply have already, they already

00:18:14:12 00:18:17:94
have such tastes and the end, and to
try anything new they do not want.

00:18:17:96 00:18:21:86
Well, that’s right, and here’s one last
question like this, which is already a bit

00:18:21:88 00:18:25:57
I have also asked this before
in the case of your own

00:18:25:60 00:18:28:62
elections, or did the economy
somehow influence here?

00:18:28:64 00:18:33:50
That’s why I ask a lot of people, friends,

00:18:33:80 00:18:38:62
friends, family, which keeps
them from, for example.

00:18:38:64 00:18:43:42
risking learning something completely
new when they sit in a restaurant and

00:18:43:44 00:18:47:90
it turns out that the biggest
problem for them is spending money

00:18:47:92 00:18:50:86
for something they may not like.

00:18:50:88 00:18:55:42
That is, this economic factor
here is the most such holdback.

00:18:55:44 00:18:57:52
As it is the case now not with yours, but

00:18:57:52 00:18:59:81
with your friends,
because you travel often.

00:18:59:84 00:19:04:94
I know there is a group of you
out there and how are they?

00:19:04:96 00:19:07:50
Exactly the people I’m
thinking of are probably not

00:19:07:52 00:19:12:10
is related to economics,
only this is more so.

00:19:12:40 00:19:16:77
Something like I see a little bit of that.

00:19:16:80 00:19:21:10
it’s also a fear of taking risks,
but it tends to stem from that.

00:19:21:40 00:19:23:16
Not that they will lose money, but

00:19:23:16 00:19:25:44
they will lose time, order and do not want

00:19:25:44 00:19:28:14
to waste this food too,
so they get, for example.

00:19:28:16 00:19:32:50
They will force you to eat it
and not order something else.

00:19:32:52 00:19:35:46
Akurat is such a case, although what

00:19:35:48 00:19:37:96
you say, that is, that this economic

00:19:37:96 00:19:41:14
factor seems to me that
in most people such a

00:19:41:16 00:19:43:20
is, then I can also talk about the

00:19:43:20 00:19:46:94
viewers, the people who comment
on the videos on the channel.

00:19:46:96 00:19:50:52
And as if this economic factor is

00:19:50:52 00:19:56:10
quite important. Indeed, it appears
quite often in the comments.

00:19:56:40 00:19:58:42
If something seems expensive to someone,

00:19:58:44 00:20:01:18
he immediately points
it out in the comments.

00:20:01:20 00:20:04:48
So, well, unfortunately, this is the kind

00:20:04:48 00:20:08:50
of thing that always holds
back these experiments.

00:20:08:52 00:20:13:29
Well, thank you very much for
all such comprehensive answers.

00:20:13:32 00:20:14:76
I will stop recording now.

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