ART 717- Initial proposal of my project

ART 717- Initial proposal of my project

Interdisciplinary activities are necessary and practical, multi-sensory experience and cognition – through sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, the sense of temperature and balance as well as the kinesthetic sense – of coexistence and co-creation within traditional visual media of art.

Social divisions are most visible in food choices. For me – a person born in another country, the divisions in Great Britain are particularly visible. The starting point of my work will be an attempt to break social divisions in this area. Art can be the first impulse to stimulate the viewer’s aesthetics and transformations.

Art can become a stimulus for an intimate transformation of the recipient, a transformation of their internal structures, and a different view of the world. Art stimulates the imagination and provides it with the material. The potential of food – in the way of serving, openness to flavors, and sharing experiences allows you to overcome limitations. It can be a spark of creative disagreement with the current existential situation. Such an objection can be expressed in the transformation of the mental structures of the individual [J.Kristeva “Revolt, She Said”, N.York2002-100-101]

The potential of food – in the manner of serving and openness to tastes, may form the basis of a creative disagreement with the existing existential situation.
Such an impulse for the recipient may be a series of works using molecular gastronomy in a highly surreal atmosphere.

A series of such photographic works would be created in cooperation with a physicist, chemist, and expert in molecular gastronomy.
The substantive and philosophical basis of my work – the issues of social divisions seen through culinary choices and an attempt to shift or break these divisions – will be pragmatic and somaesthetic theories:
John Dewey – “Art as Experience”
Pierre Bourdieu- “Distinction”
Richard Shusterman- “Pragmatic Aesthetics”
I think this is the best way to do this.

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