ARD 608-project proposal

ARD 608-project proposal

My work will be a series of still lifes combining elements of artistic trends: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Surrealism. The theme of the project will be compositions of still lifes, inscribed in an unreal, slightly oneiric world filled with elements inspired by painting and applied art of the aforementioned epochs.
The main and guiding inspiration are the works of my beloved artist, Salvador Dali.
I will take some inspiration from the work of Tamara Łępicka – in this case, I would like to achieve a similar effect of chiaroscuro in combination with cubist elements.
In the works of René Magritte, I find many interesting inspirations.
The style of artwork will be consistent with my previous works
The main element that I will be working on is our food products. However, I would like them to be artistic elements of the image, not a consumer presentation.
When creating these compositions, I would like to use a whole range of decorative elements characteristic of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
Creating such pictures will give me the opportunity to expand my existing artistic experience in the field of still lifes with slightly different means of expression. It will also give me the opportunity to tell stories by creating an unreal, surreal image.

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