Smoking with smoke

Cold and salted raw meat (earth element) meets fire in warm air for many hours, then in hot water, it becomes food. Smoke smoking is an old method of preserving meat. Fire and pieces of aromatic hardwood that burn slowly and produce a lot of smoke. The meat stays in the smoke of about 70 degrees Celsius for many hours. Smoking is considered (next to salting and drying) one of the oldest methods of food preservation – the method of preserving food (meat and meat products, fish, cheese) with the use of smoke. As a result of this process, food products acquire a specific smell, taste, and surface color. Smoking is a process in which the preserves are exposed to heat and chemicals contained in the smoke. The smoke is obtained by burning the appropriate wood. Only hardwood, smoldering, barkless wood is used for smoking, most often beech, hornbeam, elm, oak, alder, acacia, plum, apple, pear, and maple wood. (except for juniper used as an addition to the main wood) is not used, because their resin, while burning, gives the smoked meats a turpentine flavor and causes the meat to be covered with soot.

Dried sausage:
Pork shoulder 4.2 kg
lean pork belly 2 kg
beef neck 1.2 kg

Spices and pickling:

standard and pickling salt (in half) 125 g
2 teaspoons of ground black pepper (you can give more – if you like)
1 teaspoon of hot pepper
1 teaspoon of thyme
0.5 teaspoons of allspice
0.5 teaspoons of cilantro
0.5 teaspoons of minced garlic
0.5 teaspoons of cardamom


Beef grind on the smallest eyes. Do the same with the greasy trimmings of the pork shoulder. Grind the whole bacon with an 8 mm mesh and the nice parts of the shoulder on a chopper. Stir in spices and refrigerate for 12-24 hours. To knead the meat, add about 0.5-0.6 liters of boiled and cooled water or bone broth. Knead until the whole thing is a consistent mass. When this is achieved – it will be time to fill the pig intestines – I use a caliber of 28-32 mm and twist them into a loop.

After filling, the sausage should be hung to drip and dried for several hours at room temperature. The next stage is heating and drying in a smoker for 30-60 minutes at a temperature of about 50 degrees C. Once the loop is dry, you can start smoking. The first 2 hours are at 50-55 degrees Celsius. Once the sausage gets a distinct color, raise the temperature to 70 degrees C for 1 hour with a fully open outlet fireplace.
The next step is to bake without smoke. Time not shorter than an hour at the temperature of 85 degrees C. You should also control the internal temperature of the sausage. It is recommended to achieve 65 degrees Celsius.

The next stage is drying. In the beginning, for 2 intensive days – at room temperature. Then it should be transferred to a cool pantry and dried until it reaches the right appearance.

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