ARD 606-Alchemy of the four elements – WATER

ARD 606-Alchemy of the four elements – WATER

When scientists are looking for life in space, they are not looking for Earth, they are not looking for Fire, they are not looking for Air. They are looking for Water. Water is the sacred earth element that causes the flow between what is visible and invisible. Water is life – it is from which our first cells are built, it carries information. Atom by atom, on the basis of which we arise, is called from three other earthly elements. Water hears you, water has memory. Water has the full potential of information. It is your approach to deciding which molecules from this frequency bank you will pass alchemically in your food or drink. Whisper to the water what you want, and all the water in you will make what you desire come true.

“The transformation that takes place in the cauldron is a fundamental and miraculous phenomenon, subtle and delicate. It cannot be expressed in words”

I Yin, Chinese chef, 239 BC

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