how to create a logo-ARD 604

how to create a logo-ARD 604

An interesting logo is one of the most important marketing tools. It is this that makes the company or organization recognizable. The logo shows not so much who you are and what you do, but informs you how you are. That’s why all this logo design is so important

pencil and piece of paper

Before the computer age, only a pencil and paper were used to design the logo. Although it looks like prehistory, pencil and paper, they are still the greatest friends of the designer. Therefore, before you think about logo design, turn off the computer. You won’t use it until you transfer the idea of the perfect logo to a piece of paper.

Why is it better to start with traditional tools? The computer significantly limits the imagination and slows down the logo creation process. You will sketch ideas much faster on paper than in a graphics program – even if you know it inside out.

Logo design-Write on the sheet of 2 – 4 main words that best reflect the nature of the enterprise or company for which the logo is created. Write associations around each of them. This will create a graphic mind map that will help you choose the right form, color, etc. Choose 2 – 3 best sketches and refine them in a graphics program, but remember to create in a vector graphics environment (Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw). The logo made with this method can be freely enlarged without loss of quality. When you feel that your logo is really good, you can finish the design process.

1) What characterizes a good logo the most is the sudden impact element. The logo should catch the eye and draw attention to itself. Recall the logo of the computer giant Apple – a bitten apple. A small detail made the brand recognizable.

2) A good logo must be simply nice and aesthetic. You look at such pleasure, not forced attention. Therefore, artistic skills are necessary in this case.

3) Sometimes we forget about it, but the logo should be legible and clearly visible not only on the website but also on the company’s stationery, business cards, advertising brochures, posters, and billboards. Design the logo so that it can be recognized on a piece of paper and on an advertising pen.

4) The logo must evoke positive associations. This applies to shapes and, above all, to the colors used. Thanks to a simple operation, the entire company or enterprise will evoke positive associations.

5) The subject of the logo is also important. If a company carries out serious activities, this should also be its logo. You won’t draw a clown for a law firm.

6) Rememberability is one of the most important features of a good logo. And although many factors affect it, it’s worth putting yourself in the role of a consumer sometimes. Just look at the logos of the most popular global brands, e.g. McDonald’s, Apple or Mercedes, to see that the simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember.

542/50007) The logo identifies the brand in the recipient’s consciousness, so it is not worth making frequent changes. The money spent and the time spent building a good company image requires reflection. If you want the logo to accompany the company for years, take care of its timelessness at the design stage. After all, logo design is the most important stage in building all consistent visual identity.

However, you should pay attention to your own project ambitions. There is nothing worse in designing a logo than a misunderstanding by the target customer.

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