Creative Future- ARD 604- in search of my perfect website

Creative Future- ARD 604- in search of my perfect website

In my personal opinion, an ideal website should be extremely legible and simple. From the very beginning, it is to inform the person who visits them where they will find the materials they are interested in. Personally, I am very irritated by pages when I do not know how to open them, or when I wander around the screen with the cursor in search of the menu. My motto, in this case, is “Strength in simplicity”
I want my website to be extremely simple, clear, and very professional.
While searching for the perfect site, I found a few that meet these criteria.

in this choice it was very important:
the transparency of the menu
background – here the time in which I was looking at the pages turned out to be very crucial. In the evening, when I was browsing these pages and I was very irritated by the strong white color, which at this time of the day is very offensive to tired eyes. As a result, I did not feel like browsing such sites and closed them very quickly.

It is also extremely important to show a narrow specialization. I am aware that every professional photographer can take a correct photo if he knows how to work with light and knows the camera technique, but uploading all possible photos to your website, from wedding photos to still lifes, landscapes, portraits of children, families, flowers, and dogs is not very professional for me and not encouraging to contact.

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