ARD 604-The most stylish and elegant types of logo fonts – 2021/22

ARD 604-The most stylish and elegant types of logo fonts – 2021/22

The latest design trends are, above all, simple but carefully constructed text logos. This type of timeless design requires a deep understanding of your brand identity, attention to detail, and an informed typographic choice.

Geometric sans serif | Paid / Free for Mac

Design by Adrian Frutiger

Developer: Linotype

Avenir is classified as a geometric typeface, but it exceeds the strict limits of this term. Typically such typefaces are based on geometric shapes, but in the Avenir font, the letter “o” is not a perfect circle, and the vertical lines are slightly thicker than the horizontal lines, which adds harmony and warmth to this minimalist font. Released in 1988, it draws inspiration from previous famous typefaces such as Futura.

Calligraphic sans serif | Paid

Design: Kenneth Knutsen

Developer: Good Type Foundry

Thanks to a unique, conceptual approach to typography, each letter is full of character. The style of the Agentur font, released in 2016, lies somewhere between contemporary and traditional and calligraphic.

The design is optimized for both print and website publishing, so your logo will look great in any edition. Also, think about the appropriate color of the logo.

The Agentur cut only has one thickness variation, but if you want a bolder, more distinctive logo look, you can opt for the Agentur Display cut, which is wider.

Whichever style you choose, this typeface includes some very stylized glyphs that will give your brand an original touch.

Display font | Paid

Design: Miguel Reyes

Producer: Commercial Type

Canela is an unusual typeface because it does not fit into any classification – it is neither serif nor sans serif. The line ends of the script are rounded but in a very subtle way, which gives the characters both a classic and modern look. There is also a clear contrast between the thin and thicker lines, which is typical for serif typefaces.

The typeface is available in six different variants, with an italic version for each one. Since its release in 2016, three new styles have been added: Canela Condensed, Canela Text, and Canela Deck.

Geometric sans serif | Paid

Project: GUNMAD

Developer: Or Type

It is an unconventional typeface that will give each logo a strong sense of personality. Capital letters stand out in an original way, and many of them consist of separate elements, which undeniably gives them a specific aesthetic – just look at the letters “M”, “X” and “K”, which clearly stand out from the others.

The designer duo Guðmundur Úlfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse released the Separat font in 2013. It has four variants available – bold, regular, medium, and black.

Sans serif | Paid / Free for Mac and Adobe Creative Cloud

Design: Paul Renner

Developer: Bauer Foundry

Even though Futura was released in 1927, almost a century ago, it remains a very popular typeface, used in both print and web design. The timeless aesthetics of the font are simple and stylish, inspired by the Bauhaus philosophy.

The Futura design is completely clean, devoid of unnecessary details. It consists of geometric shapes, straight lines of almost even weight, and a minimum number of curves.

Futura is available in different variants, styles, and widths. Some of them can be seen in famous logos such as Calvin Klein, Domino’s Pizza, and Supreme.

Sheriff | Paid

Design by Jorge Cisterna

Developer: Latinotype

A contemporary design with a hint of ’70s madness offers a fresh take on nostalgic typefaces. Fonts are composed of soft, flowing lines combined with diagonal strokes.

Do you want to have a really unique trademark? This type of font will definitely give your project a strong character, and maybe even inspire you to create an original logo for your company on your own.

There are many styles and variants to choose from, and there is also a version with alternate characters (eg see a change to “a”). To try out these logo fonts for free, you can download Recoleta Regular Demo.

Sans-serif variable | Paid

Design by Adrien Midzic

Producer: Pizza Typefaces

What makes Orelo stand out from the crowd is the high contrast between the thin and thick lines. When the fonts are small, fine lines almost disappear from view. Increasing the font-weight greatly enhances this contrast. An additional, unique accent is triangular shapes in some signs, eg the tail of the letter “y” or the capital “L”.

Orelo offers over a hundred styles to choose from. If you expect even more from the font to the logo and want to create an animated version of your logotype, the Orelo typeface will make your task easier, as it also comes in the form of variable fonts. An animated logo will work well in a variety of digital applications – take this into account when thinking about creating a website.

Geometric sans serif | Paid

Project: Tobias Frere-Jones

Producer: Hoefler & Co.

Since its premiere in 2000, Gotham has been used in many different contexts. We have seen him in the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign, as well as in corporate identity projects such as Spotify or GQ (the company originally commissioned this project).

Unlike other sans-serif typefaces often inspired by Swiss or German design, the Gotham typeface was influenced by New York City, and in particular of the lettering used in the early 20th century.

Gotham comes in many variants: the characters come in eight different thickness options and four widths. With its true versatility, it is one of the best logo fonts for presenting your company name perfectly.

Also available is the Gotham ScreenSmart font – a variation of the original design optimized for use on the web.

Calligraphic serif | Paid

Design: Lucas Sharp

Producer: Village

This ornate calligraphic typeface was inspired by the work of Oscar Ogg, a 20th-century artist in lettering and calligraphy. The intricate details and joining of letters make it a really distinctive typeface, associated with the world of luxury – it is definitely a good candidate for a logo font.

Ogg comes in five weighting variants, with an italic version for each. Since the font’s release in 2013, an additional variant (Ogg Text) has been developed for use in long texts.

You can use these fonts, for example, for texts on a blog or in product descriptions on a website.

Calligraphic sans serif | Paid

Design: Warren Chappell

Developer: American Type Founders

The typeface was released in 1938 – it’s the perfect font for a vintage logo.

Typography classifies this typeface as humanistic because the shapes of the characters are associated with handwritten letters, they have organic curves and the natural spacing between the letters is maintained.

If the Lydian font looks familiar to you, then you are probably either a seasoned designer or a fan of “Friends” – this font used to appear in the show’s end credits.

Lydian has two variants (roman and bold) and italic equivalents. The designer, Warren Chappell, also released a variation of Lydian Cursive, which is a more fluid and calligraphic version of this typeface.

Sheriff | Paid

Design: Noël Leu

Developer: Grilli Type

Although the GT Super font was released in 2018, it is inspired by the typefaces of the 70s and 80s, especially the styles used in the printed press at the time. The result was an expressive typeface with relatively sharp serifs and a varying range of stroke widths within each letter shape.

The typeface has a text and display version, so you can choose the font for the logo as you need. Each has five variants of thickness and an italic version, numerous types of fonts will help you choose the perfect one and create a really good logo.

Top Free Fonts for Professional Logo Design

Sans serif | Free

Design: Matt McInerney

Developer: The League of Moveable Type

Raleway is a neo-grotesque typeface – it has a clean, simple design and falls into the same category as the popular styles Helvetica and Arial. However, it does have a few special touches that attract attention. It’s an elegant font, with subtle touches like the unexpected minuscule “L” tail and an inside “W” intersection.

The original design was developed by Matt McInerney – it was one variant of a typeface with low character thickness. Subsequent projects (Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida) extended the font family with eight new variants.

So you have nine different forms of weight at your disposal: from thin to very thick, and different fonts also have their italic versions.

Sheriff | Free

Design: Christian Thalmann

Developer: Catharsis Fonts

This typeface is inspired by the old Garamond style – the 16th-century typeface family.

The main difference is that Cormorant is a display typeface, intended for use in larger sizes. This makes it an excellent font for a logo, especially since it also works on a smaller scale. It is characterized by smooth curves contrasted with sharp serifs and clear, high accents.

Cormorant is a versatile typeface available in nine different styles (Roman, Italic, Infant, Infant Italic, Garamond, Garamond Italic, Upright Cursive, Small Caps, and Unicase), each with five weight variants.

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