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Develop critical practice through
contextual and comparative analysis.

Demonstrate an ability to locate and
use suitable research sources.

Apply, analyse and evaluate
information from a variety of sources.

Develop an ability to construct,
communicate and engage in critical

Independently produce work that
demonstrates research
methodology and an understanding
of the critical frameworks of art and


Can you find examples of an artist or
designer whose work investigates
your selected theme?
What relationship does their
methodology have to their ideas,
principles or beliefs? What are the social, cultural and
historical contexts effecting the
position they have taken (strategies
for practice)?

What relationship does their
methodology have to their ideas,
principles or beliefs?What have you learned from their
work, their ideas?

Did they write about what they did,
or did others write about them?
Can you find references to this in
the library or online?Your task is to produce work that
responds to the theme-based lectures
and form a position statement on their
individual research pathway.This will be the equivalent of 1500 words
or, (by advance agreement with teaching
staff), assessment by alternative means
such as presentation, website, portfolio of
work, exhibition, audio visual presentation
or any other media format suitable to the
body of work.

Think of how your practice could lead to
an alternative means of submission.

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