grapes and pear

grapes and pear

Pear already in the times of Homer, the favorite fruit of Aphrodite and Hera. This fruit has been associated with Venus (Aphrodite) because of its shape resembling a woman’s belly. The sweet fruit pear has meanings and scenarios in the scenes of the Virgin Mary with Jesus. This symbolism seems to come from an interpretation in the “Book of Psalms” – “taste and see how good the Lord is.” For this reason, it may allude to the concept of the sweetness of virtue. According to some, the pear could indeed be the famous tree of good and bad in paradise earth.

The grapes symbolize a sacrifice (especially red), a holiday, a celebration; communion; The Promised Land; youth, desire, fertility, autumn, September, harvest; intoxication, good company, hospitality, cheer, pleasure, charity, joy, triumph. Grapes an attribute of Dionysus, Mithras.

Beata Skorek: Still life -grapes and pear
Beata Skorek: Still life -grapes and pear

Symbol of prosperity and fertility

They are one of the oldest symbols of nature’s fertility. The grapevine was the first plant Noah undertook to cultivate after the Flood. The grape bush, the vine is a symbol of fullness and life. In Greece, dedicated to Dionysus, in reference to the Dionysian mysteries, which worshiped the god of ecstasy both as lord of death and of renewal of all life. The vine was also a symbol of rebirth.

A bunch of grapes symbolizes fertility, and the individual fruits – because of their taste – the sweetness of married life. Eating them guarantees the young couple happiness and numerous offspring. That is why grapes should be a must-have menu at any wedding. Grapes predict a happy marriage and a quiet and long life. White grapes symbolize the successful implementation of intended plans, red grapes are a sign of prosperity, love and erotic pleasures.

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