ARD 517 light and composition test 1 – WILLEM CLAESZ HEDA

ARD 517 light and composition test 1 – WILLEM CLAESZ HEDA

I start my tests with the reconstruction and analisis of composition of Willem Heda still life painting.
I am using my office wall and window for this test – using only one natural light source.

I am still not 100% happy with the result. I like the light and how it hits the subjects, but I feel like I still need to work on the composition

I tried few different views and perspectives to be as close to the original painting as possible.

I finally settled for the 3rd perspective and coposition as I feel it is closest to the inspiration painting.

I believe my composition is different not just because if the different object used, I also didnt include the edge of the table that is on the original painting.
My next step will be gathering more materials and objects that can resemble objects used in that time period and producing some handpainted backdrops to further imitate the fine art- painterly feel to the images.

Here are some details of the final test piece.
The only work done to it is basic adjustmets in lightrooom, and then changing the wall colour and desaturating it in photoshop.
Ah and I added a little moth on the bread. ( I am waiting for some dried butterflies to arrive, so I will not have to photoshop them in later)

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