practical exercise with an aperture

practical exercise with an aperture

An aperture is a part of the lens that is responsible for adjusting the size of the hole through which light enters our camera. These are the leaves that overlap to expand and narrow, thus regulating the size of the “hole”. The lower the aperture value, the larger the hole and thus the more light is let inside the camera. The higher the f value, the greater the value apertures, i.e. more elements in the frame will be sharp. The low aperture value makes some small parts of the photo sharp and everything behind it and in front of it is blurred.

The smaller the aperture value, the more light enters the camera and the photo is brighter
     The lower the f / f, the smaller the depth of field and the fewer the elements are sharp
     The lower the aperture value, the more blurred the background
     The further away from the subject, the smaller the background blur
     The higher the GO and value f /, the more elements in the frame are sharp

very simple simulator: (click here)

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