Final work to be submitted:

•2 self-portraits that tell a story about you

This is my first self portrait

Now my second self-portrait

Showing myself in different colours of light is the key for me to show myself. The colour of light is one of the most important (in my opinion) elements of perception of reality. People in the UK see us differently than in Spain or Stockholm. Looking at each other in the mirror, we see each other differently in the morning, different at noon and different in the evening. Intense monocular gives yet another experience. The light is about me here and that’s what I wanted to show.

•2 alter-ego portraits that tell a fictional story about you

My portraits about my alter ego are a consequence of the work above. Travelling on my own timeline in creating my first self-portrait led me to the world of my childhood, where the world of imagination. mixed up with real life. When, as a little girl, I cut out the sun, moon and stars from paper, which I then hung under the dining room table creating a world for my dolls. I loved this world and with great joy now I came back to it

“A trip inside yourself”

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