Andrzej dragan -quantum photography & FILM

Andrzej dragan -quantum photography & FILM

Andrzej Dragan was born in 1978 in Konin, Poland. He has a phd in quantum physics. He is also a recognized photographer, winner of many national and international awards.
I have been photographing since 2003. He developed his own photographic processing technique, which he calls “retouching with light.” This treatment involves the use of color manipulation and tonal filtering, characteristic lighting of the model and manual editing of the photo using a set of special brushes, artificially correcting the original lighting.
Dragan is the author of photo sessions in which many famous people participated, e.g.
David Lynch, Mads Mikkensen

  He is also known as the author of photos for advertising campaigns for brands such as Play and Converse. Dragan captured these incredibly amazing images for JWT Warsaw of old Adolf Hitler, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe. what you expect is completely different from what is actually presented. In this case, these social icons are not expected to be visible in the elderly.

The short film forms that Andrzej Dragan creates are also fascinating.

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