Branding – building brand awareness-ARD406

Branding – building brand awareness-ARD406

Branding – creating a company brand

The goal of every entrepreneur is the development of the company and the constant expansion of profit. To do this, however, you need to get to know each other. How? Through product / service branding and companies. To make this possible, it is necessary to get to know the client – his expectations, way of thinking, knowledge or skills. it is necessary to create such a business profile that through various marketing activities it gets stuck in the awareness of the community – not necessarily customers because the brand’s task is to increase the target group in the form of new customers.
What factors determine the brand’s development? Undoubtedly, they include professional service and a team of specialists from various company departments who work every day to increase awareness of the products/services offered.
Every element that the customer thinks about our company, product/service is a brand. It can be a catchy musician that we used in our advertising, provided that after hearing it the client is able to name the name of our company/product, actors playing in the advertisement, slogan, humorous presentation or clips recorded for the development of video marketing. A brand is an abbreviation used by the client to describe our company. Depending on the industry, the brand can be recognized by a variety of elements, including the following:

Name and slogan

The name is one of the most important elements affecting brand communication – sending signals to the client who then remembers the message. Requires careful market and competition analysis. It must be easy for the average recipient to remember. Although this does not have to be the rule, it is worth looking for a unique name in Polish – despite the growing number of people who know foreign languages, due to pronunciation problems or incorrect entering the name, it may be more difficult to remember it. An element that many entrepreneurs forget is the uniqueness of the name. It is not worth risking when choosing one that is already known on the market and used by other companies.

A slogan is an equally important element that is an extension of the idea that the name carries. He should refer to it directly or perform an explanatory function. What’s more, it is good if both of these elements also function on the web – before we find the perfect name for our brand, be sure to check whether it is free and quickly buy the appropriate domain, which will be our showcase in the future.

Logo and visual identification

The logo is one of the indispensable elements of the name. As numerous studies show, it is the logo that is one of the first elements that the recipient remembers, even ahead of the name. The perfect logo should be remembered and identified by the recipients in a split second. If we are just starting our business, then it is worth designing a logo that will be identified with the name. Is it necessary to construct a graphic symbol directly referring to the type of activity performed? Enterprises like Apple and Shell have shown that this is not the rule. When constructing a logo, attention should be paid to simplicity – too complex graphic symbols do not attract the attention of recipients, because human sight first stops the simplicity of execution and minimalism. You can’t forget about the right font, colors suited to your business profile (for example green is associated with calmness, while red is associated with emotional intensity).

By visual identification should be understood here all possible graphic designs, the use of which in advertising and marketing campaigns will affect the development of the brand in the minds of recipients. Examples include business cards, graphic illustrations, photos, video clips (video marketing), folders or banner ads.

Website and blog

A website is not just a business card for a company. The global development of the Internet has contributed to the creation of extensive websites, enabling browsing the full range of products/services. A key element in creating a website is a dialogue with the client, through dedicated discussion forums or a comment system. Also, do not underestimate social networking sites that are enjoying the growing interest of millions of users. We present more information on websites, company blogs and social media in the following articles:

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