KickStarter – Kitchen Alchemy
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Kitchen Alchemy by Beata Skorek

My name is Beata Skorek and I am a fine art food photographer.


For many years I have also been working as a chef. I love cooking and creating with natural, organic products.


Art and cooking are my greatest passions, and after a long search I found a perfect blend of the two in my still life compositions. 
Inspired by XVII flemish masters of painting  I want my photos to take you to a journey through senses. 


About the project

From the point of view of the theory of fine arts, food cannot be referred to as a work of art, but it has been present in all arts practically since always. My project is a calendar of 12 photographs inspired by the still life of 17th century painters with whom I have been in love for many, many years. These works are painted safety and peace of the home. It is a wonderful tranquility of home cooking, filled with fragrances and colors straight from Mother Nature. Kitchen and cooking are magic that resists everything that happens outside of it.

The events of the outside world are irrelevant. With my photos, I want to take you into this world that stimulates your good senses.

I want you to smell a lemon, to see the juiciness, sweetness and slight bitterness of pomegranates, so that you can feel the roughness and oilyness of the orange peel on your fingers. These stimulated senses will bring back wonderful memories of those tastes and smells. They will make you smile at them, and when you start smiling you will feel good, you will feel happy. This is the real alchemy of our body. Because simple nature makes us happy.

Cooking is creation and creation. That’s why you won’t find ready-made dishes in my photos. My paintings are only meant to give you an impulse – they tell you about their smells, flavors and colors. They open the door of creation. It is up to you to decide in your imagination what dough you will bake from these ingredients, what dish you will cook, or what you will use an alembic, cherries or apples for. With my calendars, for 12 months I want to stimulate your creation and take you every day into the world of simple home kitchen.

What am I making

Calendar 2022

Postcards Set

Photography Book


£5 or more

Support the artist and production of the project. 

Every pound brings me closer to the production of the book and the calendar. 

£15 or more

You will get a postcard set and a digital wallpaper for your computer or phone

£30 or more

Signed 2022 Calendar and a postcard set

£70 or more

You will get signed copy of the book and the calendar as well. 

£120 or more

Signed copy of the book two calendars and the postcard set