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ARD 608 / 02.05.2022

The project I present is a series of still lifes based on food products but immersed in a surreal world. While creating these still life compositions, I focused on keeping them still in the aesthetics of 16th and 17th-century painters, because they give me a sense of peace and order. It is a kind of illusion of controlling chaos. The main assumption was to show the food product as an artistic element of the composition, which is not immediately associated with consumption. I wanted such an element to suggest the philosophical aspects of passing, life, death, and rebirth. I wanted...

ARD 604 Creative Futures / 22.04.2022

My name is Beata Skorek, I am an artist-photographer. I have also been working as a chef for many, many years. Art and cooking are my two great fascinations. As a culinary stylist, photographer and chef, I want to combine my love of art and nature. In all my artistic activities, I want to sensitize the recipient to the beauty of natural products that surround us and that nourish us. I especially like to create still-life compositions inspired by the works of 17th-century Flemish and Dutch brush masters. The captivating realism and almost photographic details of these paintings have always...